chronic pain due to indentation

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hello. for almost a year now I have a second area of deformity on the penis. it is an indentation right below the glans on the left side of the penile shaft. I was previously diagnosed with peyronies disease further down the shaft on the same side. this first deformity has actually somewhat corrected itself and the deformity is now rather minor and I could have lived with it well. however a year later as previously mentioned I sustained a second deformity.

the problem iwht this is on the one hand the loss of volume and girth that is quite bothersome but I expect it to also somewhat improve just like the first one at least I really hope so because the loss in circumference in that spot takes away a lot of pleasure.

however the more major issue is the chronic pain that I have been experiencing in this area ever since. there is a cord like structure above the indentation that does not expand with the rest of the penis. so when I get an erection, this tissue cuts into the erectile bodies leading to the pain. it is a stretching pain, much like when you stretch a tendon that was very overdue to being stretched. it takes away all pleasure and having an erection does not feel good, it feel really uncomfortable and painful.

i have seen an andrologist and he did an assessment, flaccid ultrasound and palpation. he could not find any obvious plaque but acknowledged the deformity and suggested that maybe there is a small scar on the septum of the penis.

has anybody something similar? I really want this pain to go away. I am obviously not in the acute stage as it has been unchanged for 9 months now. I want the circumference back and more so I want the uncomfortable stretching pain to go away because I cannot enjoy sexuality like this.

I should note that it is not an inflammatory pain and it seems to be purely mechanical. imagine someone putting a rubber band around your arm and then tightening it up, pulling until there is deep indentations in the skin. thats what it looks and feels like.

thanks for your time!
diagnosed with peyronies disease in Feb. 2020
mid 20
tried VED without much success, Cialis and potaba


Hello gobbler. Sorry to have this message of me noticing you as "new reply" when i can actually not help you. But your case and how you describe your pain sounds so similar to mine. Please lets open a chat and you keep me updatet on your progress and vice versa. What do you think?

*EDIT: Actually there are 2 interestings infos that i just stumbled across recently, maybe interesting for you too:

1) Talking about non calcified plaque:
Statin Therapy (Cholesterol lowering drugs) proved helpful

2) MR Neurography
This is a "special" MRT that displays nerves. You should not rule out the option of nerve neuropathy

In my answers i am most focused on the pain, that you have, and that is bothering me so much too.
I have also deformity but not such extreme Erectile Dysfunction like you explained in another post. Still similar cases i think
26y, injured at 21 :/

Reinjured late 2019 when having sex with weak errection.
No curvature, but rotation of the base to the left about 30degrees
Main problem: chronic flaccid pain.

Trying different stuff now