Best doctors for Congenital correction

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Benders Apprentice

I've got congenital left curving 40 degrees and slightly up. Wanted to know what the consensus is on the Doctors with the best track records. I'm thinking of either going with  Dr. Sven in Pforzheim or Dr. Joel Gelman. Anyone have anything positive or otherwise to say about these two or recommend anyone else? thanks,.


I dont know about your specific case, but I have heard mixed experiences about dr. (sven) lahme in Pforzheim.
For Peyronies/IPP surgery in Germany Dr. Hatzichristodoulou seems to be "the best"

Having said that, I want to add an advice from the surgeon I talked to this week:

If your penis works normally and you can have painfree sex, don't do surgery.
It will maybe be straighter, but never be better after...
36 years old, married
Symptoms since trauma in July 21:
First calcified nodule in septum near glans
Multiple calcified plaques developed on top
Pain (flaccid/erect), 75° upwards curvature, hourglassing
Nothing helped, looking for surgery now

Benders Apprentice

thanks that is great advice, from a very honest surgeon. I believe that more doctors should be forthcoming when it comes to the need for correction.

Upon my reading, lateral curves in excess of 20 degrees are advised for surgery. Wouldn't that cover a lot of people generally speaking?