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Hi there,

Has anyone tried Contratubex gel for Peyronies? I used it for several months to smoothen scars after a circumcision but recently heard that some people have used it to reduce inflammation. Any thoughts on it?

Two days ago I started to apply the gel to the plaques, really curious if it's going to have any effect on it.
26 y. o. Peyronie since 2020: mild curvature to the right - 20*; multiple nodules, scarring; dents on the left and right sides, mild hourglassing; can have sex. Healhy diet, traction, and VED. F*ck Peyronies.


I used it for a scar I got from a blister on the glans that developed after using Restorex with bad wrapping. It contains silicon that has had some effect on healing scars apparently. Limited effect for me but from the reviews online it seems that some people had a positive effect on superficial scars.

I doubt it has any effect on sub-cutane scars such as Peyronies Disease. Pleas report back if it does!
Early 30s, diagnosed with Peyronies in 2017 after trauma during sex. ca 15 degrees upward curvature. Restorex, VED, 5mg Cialis, Pentox, L-arginine, Coq10, Propolis, Vitamin E. Underwent 12 rounds of Verapamil injections 2021-22