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Author Topic: Pain on this spot. Penis or ligament?  (Read 450 times)

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Pain on this spot. Penis or ligament?
« on: May 19, 2022, 01:10:20 PM »

Hi , chronic pain sufferer, i am quite active on this board.
Probably no Peyronies Disease, just (and its worse in my opinion) chronic pain for 3.5 + years after a small injury.

Pain is at this spot (not mine, took it from google, will immediately remove if you have issues with copyright):

Do you think this is the penis or the ligament thats hurting? It's so close to the base i cant tell. I think its mostly the penis but maybe a damaged ligament runs there?
25y, injured at 21 :/

Reinjured late 2019 when having sex with weak errection.
No curvature, but rotation of the base to the left about 30degrees
Main problem: chronic flaccid pain.

Trying different stuff now


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Re: Pain on this spot. Penis or ligament?
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2022, 03:12:25 AM »

Hi orriw,

This link will show you some good dissections and imagery that show the positions of the three ligaments around the base of the penis.  The spot you circled is where the fundiform ligament passes under the penis.  The fundiform ligament comes down from the left and right and goes under the base of penis, supporting it like a sling.  You can damage the ligaments around the penis by jamming your erect penis downward, for example in certain sexual positions where your penis is pulled far away from your navel and forced downward between your legs.  If you had some sort of rough downward pulling then maybe you hurt the ligament.  I'm not an expert but it seems unusual that it would cause years of chronic pain, but maybe a plastic surgeon could check if the ligament is cut and repair it?  There is also the suspensory ligament but that connects to the penis right at the top center of the base and your circle on the photo seems to indicate the side.,an%20upright%20position%20%5B3%5D.
Age 63, Peyronie's history 3 years, left side hourglass, 20-degree bend to left, no Erectile Dysfunction
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