Is Dupuytren’s related to peyronie's?

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Hope your well.

I wonder if this might help peyronie's in the future if its related to Dupuytrens.

Seen has Xiaflex is used for Dupuytrens?

Check out this news article:


30yrs old
Started late 2020, 46 degree dorsal curvature
dent on right side which is painful when erect
narrowing on the dorsal, No Erectile Dysfunction
Been suggested incision & grafting by two urologists


This was a great share. They definitely are related as many of the guys here also complaint about hand deformities. Hopefully it will work out.
Penile fracture during sex, Portugal 2014 - [url=,11131.0.html]Penile Implant Forum -Tech info compilation and Index - Peyronies Society Forums[/url]


I'm really curious if it'll be possible to make a cream using this drug instead of getting injections. Also it's unfortunate that we're still waiting for the long term evaluation until a possible treatment is proposed...

26 y. o. Peyronie since 2020: upward congenital curvature from the bottom - 20*; twist and curve to the left - 25*; two visible dents on the left side; multiple plaques everywhere; no pain

Vitamins; Tadafil; traction/bending; VED - nothing worked