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What ACTUAL results have users here had with traction devices?

Looking at the available studies it seems only two devices have fairly solid scientific evidence of efficacy in treating Peyronies Disease - RestoreX and PMP, with the latter being more effective at the cost of much longer duration of wear. However, many people here seem to have spent hundreds or even thousands of hours using these devices with unclear effects. If the above studies are to be believed, most users should see significant improvements, so I thought it would be interesting to see what people's actual experience has been with prolonged and sustained use. I will try to compile a summary of results that have been posted already once I have time to go through the board, but please feel free to add your experience. For extra clarity, it would be great if you could include the following information:

- curvature and length before and after treatment
- optionally, girth
- which device you used (doesn't need to be PMP or RestoreX, any traction device is welcome)
- how long you used it for
- how many hours a day on average you spent using the device
- stage of disease (acute or chronic, and/or how long after diagnosis you started traction)
- any other details about your conditions/circumstances that you think are relevant (eg other concurrent treatments, plaque size if known, location, type of curvature, indentation and hourglassing etc)

I have used the PMP myself but not sufficiently long or in a sustained way for it to have any effects, but starting a course of treatment following the procedures in the study by Moncada et al, which claimed an average reduction in curvature of 38 deg after 12 weeks of 6+h/day.
Diagnosed in 2019 initially ventral indentation, hourglassing w/ slight rightward curve
In 2020 developed dorsal curvature, ~70 deg
Tried traction (PMP), VED, heat, vitamin E, no change
Modified Nesbit surgery Dec 2022, <10 deg