Restorex - how much of the head to clamp

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Is there a diagram somewhere which shows how much of the head we should actually clamp?

Sometimee the amount differs and I notice this effects the traction. Less head = less traction and longer stretch. More = opposite.

The only thing I'm worried about is clamping too much and causing further damage.

I was hoping there was a diagram and if someone could point me in the right direction.

33 yrs old
Peyronies for 4 years now
Got better but then got worse
Mild erect curvature but major Loss of girth, dents and significant semi-erect curve
Moderate Erectile Dysfunction
Re-started VED, also using Restorex


Just purchased a Restorex and would also like an answer to this question if anyone has one.
29 years old. First noticed symptoms of Peyronies Disease in March 2022.
Mild upward curvature with indent on right side halfway down.
Have been taking Vitamin E. Added use of Restorex, CO Q10, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and L-arginine as of mid-August, 2022.


Going to refer you to page 17 in the RestoreX "Instructions for Use" *smile*. Take a look at the top picture there, and you'll see that the whole penis head is clamped. "Immediately behind the ridge of the glans" is a good description of about what I've gotten to after only about 6 weeks (I'm an advanced sophomore with this *smile*); i.e. towards your body relative to the ridge of your glans, just "below" that (towards your body). Right there is where I put the clamp lever down, and works well for me.

Did this help?

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