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Do not confuse anything in this post with a lack of personal concern.  There is a clear difference between our personal concerns and the scope of this forum. If you feel you are in crisis contact a suicide hotline or contact us in private.

This is a SOLUTIONS Board                                                                          This is a SOLUTIONS Board
Any post placed on this board that does not meet the board's description will be deleted.  The member is subject to receive an official warning resulting in sanctions up to and including a total permanent ban and all past posts deleted.  

Many members feel their board has been hijacked by those trying to address body dysmorphia, chronic pre-peonies anxiety, and mental health issues not related to the daily emotional issues associated with Peyronies' Diseases.

This is NOTa board to fill with your repeated complaints.  It is also NOT a crisis board.  If you are in crisis contact a hotline immediately.

DO NOT post on this board unless you are asking for positive ideas that you are actually willing to try in order to overcome worrisome psychological problems,  OR to help members who are actually asking for help to:[/color]
1. Improve their attitude
2. Reduced Stress, anxiety, or depression brought on by Peyronies
3. Improve their Happiness despite Peyronies Disease or Erectile Dysfunction
4. Improve their confidence
5. Improve relationships
6. And are willing to put forth some effort to accomplish these goals.

We do not have PsyD degrees in clinical psychology.
We are not here to argue about why nothing will help you.
We are not a suicide hotline.  
We are not here to fix body dysmorphia and other serious psychological issues.
We cannot fix long-standing mental health issues that existed long before you got Peyronies Disease or Erectile Dysfunction.  
There are forums worldwide that specialize in every mental-health challenge - USE THOSE FORUMS.

This board is ONLY for members who are otherwise psychologically sound, looking to find techniques they can apply to help with the new challenges they face.  We can offer ideas that really work and positive things we have learned from our own experiences.

This board will be cleaned up with posts and topics deleted.  Beginning with the most recent and those that are the furthest removed from the board's purpose.

 Public threats of suicide are not allowed on this forum and will be deleted.
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