I got sick and it drastically improved my penis health

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I got COVID a few months back and was quite ill for about 3 weeks. I hardly ate at all because everything tasted like burning plastic, drank mostly orange juice and slept atleast 12 hours per day. As you all have probably experienced; being sick completely destroys any desire for sex or masturbation. So for three, almost four weeks i didn't masturbate or handle my penis at all unless going to the bathroom. When i started to feel better i noticed my penis was completely different. I was waking up in the morning with an erection. It felt strong, it looked and felt straight without holding it but most shockingly of all, what once felt like pain was now a slight tingle around the scar tissue. It looked and felt like it did before my injury (10 years ago; I was 22 i'm now 32). My reaction to what seemed like a miracle was - frankly - stupid. I assumed i was cured and used it "accordingly". I'm now back at square one.

Anyway, my point is that simply leaving your penis alone, not masturbating and allowing your body to do some repair work might not be a bad idea. If you break your arm, you'll have a cast fitted to keep it in one place allowing your body to properly heal. I know its not always smart to compare the healing ability of one part of the body to another, but from my experience the analogy seems to fit.

I've also seen alot about fasting lately. My involuntary fast due to being sick may have also had an impact. I know when i eat certain foods the inflammation and pain can be felt almost immediately.

As a result of my COVID miracle i'm now abstaining from masturbating which has lots of added benefits, too. I feel more masculine. More ready to face the world, proudly. My mood is better regulated and i sleep better. I also eat 1 large meal per day when im not fasting. At the moment i'm seeing excellent results from using a mixture of oils which i heat and massage the area. CBD oil, Vitamin E oil, Magnesium oil and Helicrysum Oil.

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So it sounds like you have been down this road before - sorry to hear it has come back. Interesting that getting covid resulted in your penis getting better. Fasting has helped some guys here as it does cleanse the body and lowers inflammation. Refraining from masturbation also has it's benefits. Hopefully you are on the mend and nothing will get worse. Thanks for the great post! Mikel7   :)
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