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Possible recovery and my theory

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Dear forum,

I would like to describe my experiences to provide information that might be helpful at least to some of you. Hopefully, this is the right outlet for this topic.

My journey started in early 2019 when I first discovered some sort of light sharp pain. In early 2020 I then realized that there is a lentil-sized plaque or at least hardened tissue (dorsal). I visited two urologists, whereas both stated that it is indeed Peyronies Disease and that there is nothing I can do (ultrasound scan). Until summer 2020 two more plaques developed on both sides. After that I consulted another urologist who applied extracorporeal shock-wave therapy. I had three sittings for 15 minutes. Afterwards the pain decreased, but it felt like the tissue or plaque increased including an inflammatory sensation. The doctor said that this would be normal, but I lost trust and stopped the therapy.   

In fall 2020 I visited another specialist who confirmed the diagnosis again (ultrasound scan) and prescribed Potaba Glenwood 3g. Due to the fact that the prescribed dose did not agree with me I just took 1 package each night before going to bed. Other than that, I did nothing else, besides changing my exercise routine, trying to eat even more healthy and started to pursue intermittent fasting. Also, I tried to reduce stress as best as I could.

In spring 2021 I somehow observed that the pain was decreasing slowly over time. In summer 2021 I furthermore indeed noticed that the plaques "felt" smaller. In November 2021 I went again to the last urologist I visited and he confirmed, to both our surprise, that the plaques nearly totally disappeared (comparing old and new ultrasound scan). Still there were some few remaining smaller plaques observable during the ultrasound scan. Since January 2022 I cannot feel any plaques, whereas there is still sometimes a little bit of pain, but nothing uncomfortable.

Afterall, during the whole "journey", I never observed any visual change. In summary, my theory is that Peyronies Disease can be initiated by two main factors. At first, there has to be a long-term imbalance of the ph-value of the body, i.e. "overacidification" due to chronic stress (private/professional) and/or other underlying chronic inflammatory diseases. Therefore, the body is turning "sour" and is more exposed to Peyronies Disease or other health issues.

Peyronies Disease than gets initiated by additional sorts of "traumas" like a viral or bacterial infection (bladder/urinary tract) or a physical trauma (sport/accident/intercourse) as well as intense sport activities in combination with dehydration. These "traumas" can then lead to inflammatory reactions that eventually create plaques.     

Maybe someone had similar experiences.

I personally would recommend trying to reduce stress factors being private or professional, reduce intense sport activities (walking instead of jogging, swimming instead of weightlifting), reduce your alcohol consumption and beverages that are diuretic. Also try to pursue a healthier diet (More veggies and fresh produce, no more artificial and convenience-stuff). Most important is intermittent fasting whereas you start eating after around lunch time and stop before 5.00 pm. All these measures will support your body to get in balance again and positively regulate your ph-value.

I started to apply all those measures somewhat between spring 2020 and summer 2020. Of course, this might not be the true cause for my progress, but overall it surely does not hurt.

I very much hope that this information will be useful to at least a few people.

I wish you all the very best!


Welcome Equilibrium to the forum. Thank you for your input regarding your peyronies and it's successful remission. For your first post there is a section that allows new members to introduce themselves there, but it is ok if you do it here. You just may not get many responses.

The first thing you need to do is to fill out your signature line -->,10819.0.html . It gives others a quick glimpse as to your situation . Also I don't know if you have read the survival guide -->,3180.msg44057.html#msg44057 . This gives out a lot of useful information regarding peyronies and it's different treatments.

There are others here that have had some success with fasting and helping their peyronies. Shockwave therapy in my opinion is a waste of money as others will tell you of their experience also. Eliminating stress and eating healthy is a benefit all around to our bodies. Great to have you here.  Mikel7 :)

Lump April 2020, age 61 , Dr Levine 6-26-20,
Dorsal Curve 11-1-20 , Peyronies
Vit E400mg, COQ10, ALCAR, Heat Therapy, Penimaster, Pentox, Cialis, Restorex
had SNHL 7-31-20 - Stopped all Meds because ototoxicity  Heat/traction/VED are working.


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Could you please elaborate more on this? I'm in a very similar situation but haven't had much improvement so far. My andrologist told me that I have acidosis which makes pH of my body more acidic. It means that it somehow disrupts various processes in my body unless I manage it through diet and medication. Also, the initial trigger of my chronic penile inflammation and then Peyronies was a bacterial/viral infection (nobody knows what it wss exactly), and then it turned out that I had problems with my pH. For this reason, I also think thay my Peyronies might be somehow related to my acidosis.

How do you manage you pH?
26 y. o. Peyronie since 2020: upward congenital curvature from the bottom - 20*; twist and curve to the left - 25*; two visible dents on the left side; multiple plaques everywhere; no pain

Vitamins; Tadafil; traction/bending; VED - nothing worked


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Hello cyrilt,

yes, I think there might be a connection in our cases. The one thing I remember is, that I suffered from an extreme loss of body fluids after the infection, whereas afterwards my "first episode" started. My second episode is also connected to extreme exercise and a lack of of "water supply". (At least that observation can be linked to acidosis, upon looking it up briefly)

Unfortunately, I cannot add anything more to what I already posted before. Nevertheless, I would strongly emphasize to have a look at everything in your life that is "slightly tilted to the extreme" and that could cause chronic stress. That might be your one-sided eating habits, stressful work, extreme exercise, noisy neighbourhood, and toxic people you surround yourself with. Also, check your shampoo, soap, shaving gel etc. - iam not kidding. It do not think it is one factor alone that triggers the "ph-imbalance", but rather a combination of factors. 

If I can think of anything else, I will let you know.


Did you have a curve or hour glassing that improved?

31 yrs old; in a supportiv relationship
first symptoms and diagnosed in february 2018
severe progression since spring 2020
several plaque/indentations and currently 40° up curve


Hey Pauli,

no, I did not observe any visual change (curve, dents etc.) during the whole process. I only felt and located the plaques and saw them on the ultrasound, as reported by the doctors.


Hello Equilibrium,

Thanks for telling us about your success!  I just started fasting Friday, def cutting out a lot of carbs.  My body is adjusting.
Going for my annual check up Thursday, I will mention the ph-value to my PCP.

Did you have a curve and hourglassing with your Peyronies?  You said you didn't observe any visual change, is that from the beginning or after you made changes to your diet and cutting stress out?

Thanks and be safe!
Age 46
No injury
Diagnosis January 2022  
Have plaque
Hourglassing when flaccid and semi-erect
Still have my congenital curve, no severe curving
Massaging with vitamin E cream twice a day 
5mg Tadalafil
Low carb diet
Discomfort/aching sometimes


Hi Frank,

I did not notice any hourglassing, curve etc. due to Peyronies Disease throughout the whole process. I only felt the growing number and size of plaques as well as some aching pain and some sort of episodes of "inflammatory sensation" from time to time. Therefore, there was no observable "external" improvement after adjusting my diet. Nevertheless, based on the ultrasound, my doctor comfirmed that the two "lateral" plaques somehow did shrink and nearly disappeared. The main "dorsal" plaque, which I discovered first, did "probably break up" (his words). You could still see the "shadows" on the ultrasound. Nowadays, I can still feel some very minor aching from time to time, as if there are still some very small remains left, but this is highly subjective as i did not go to the doctor since my last visit in 2021.

All the best!