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New member
« on: February 25, 2022, 01:15:02 AM »

Hello all! My name is Niz.

Age: 28

Urologist Conclusion: My urologist was quite crappy. After injury and 6 months of letting myself self heal, I noticed a curve on the head going up, semi erection show an hour glass, and still feel small pain when getting erection or sometimes flaccid. Went to him twice and waited nearly 2 hours just for a less than 5 min talk. He just took a quick look and say it's normal.... normal after I show him a pic of my penis erected slightly going up, and I still have red damage looking skin on penis head. Also mentioned that I feel pain and hourglass, and dude just claim it's normal. At the point I am in process of switching Urologist and will see next doctor in 2 weeks. Hoping to get a ultrasound too.

How long I had P: Well I injured myself in August 2021 and it was a big regretful dumb decision. I was curious and due to staying home a lot during covid, I went on a long dry and decided to buy a fleshlight (male sex toy). I was using that toy on me mimicking a girl giving me a cowgirl ride. Everything was good until I came inside and that's when I felt the pain. I have no idea why or how it happened. The product is a straight product that have no way to bend my penis. Im guessing it happened because the suction was a bit too tight and when I came inside the toy my penis may have got expanded? But yea... that's how I got injure and to  this day I am still trying to heal =( . Erections were hard to get but I waited till near end of September to have sex from the time that I got hurt at beginning of August. To my surprise I was able to have sex and get a full erection. As mentioned early, my penis have healed to a certain point where the red markings are still there with no progression of getting better to this day (Feb 2022). The odd thing was that I didn't realized or notice any hourglass or pain when getting erection until Jan 2022. So pretty weird that it took that long to finally seeing symptoms. Also idk if it relates but I sometimes have slight pain in the pelvic testicle area. I assume due to the Peyronies Disease symptoms it is pushing the pain damage towards that area?

Treatments: As mention earlier, I didnt' suspect Peyronies Disease until I start seeing all the symptoms of it in Jan. Since then I am just taking oral supplements. I am currently taking Multivitamins, Vitamin D, Fish oil, Vitamin E and C10. I will be add L- Citrulline soon as I barely ordered it. I just started taking all those recently so I don't think I seen any results yet. Maybe placebo effect but I think my erection is getting better. I honestly don't know if I was dealing with any Erectile Dysfunction as I was quite stress as of late until i finally starting to watch adult content again to get blood flowing.

Insurance: I do have it and had visited a Urologist who was disrespectful towards me. Am looking for a new one as I want a ultrasound to at least take a look of any scaring/plaque.

Psychological aspects: Honestly I have semi accepted my fate. It sucks as I am still young and want to have more wild sex. I wish I can just know my future in terms of will I be able to have full normal sex in terms of thrusting fast and hard etc. Or would it just be slow and steady. Would the pain go away, how bad is my curve going to get. All those questions that I worry about. Sex is important and although I am single now, I feel it's and end to me ever getting to any serious relationship. So mentally I am somewhat stressed but it is what it is I guess.
Seen urologist, haven't been diagnosed but show all symptoms

Injured August 2021, Symptoms noticeable Jan 2022
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Re: New member
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2022, 05:49:29 AM »

Welcome Niz to the forum. I am sorry to hear about your situation. The first thing you need to do is to fill in your signature line -->,10819.0.html . This will give other members a quick look about you and you will get a better response to your questions.
 Next if you haven't done so already is to download our survival guide -->,3180.msg44057.html#msg44057 . This is a lot of great information and knowledge about peyronies and it's different treatments.
After reading your post I find it amazing that you using a Fleshlight caused your injury. I also have one and they are almost like the real thing. Did you bend your penis at all while using it?

Acquiring a peyronies Dr can be a chore. Most urologists are clueless about it all. Finding one and getting an ultrasound is what you need.   The red damage on your penis could be due to minor skin damage that may or may not heal over time, but I don't think this would be linked to peyronies.

The supplements you are taking can be of some benefit. Laying off of sex and leaving things alone is how you should approach things until you find out what is going on. If you have any kind of pelvic muscle disorder this can cause a lot of pain as I broke my tailbone and know about how the pelvic girdle muscles work together.
So you say that you do have pain now and a slight hourglass effect?  You may want to look into VED therapy. Search the forum and you will get an understanding regarding such. 

One thing you have in your favor is that you are young and will heal quicker than us older guys. Don't despair and worry about the  "what ifs".  Our mind can play tricks on us if you let it. Approach this with plan and continue to educate yourself about peyronies so when you do get another appointment with a Dr you can have some questions written down for him. :) Mikel7
Lump April 2020, age 61 , Dr Levine 6-26-20,
Dorsal Curve 11-1-20 , Peyronies
Vit E400mg, COQ10, ALCAR, Heat Therapy, Penimaster, Pentox, Cialis, Restorex
had SNHL 7-31-20 - Stopped all Meds because ototoxicity  Heat/traction/VED are working.
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