Peyronie worsening with therapies, Am I misdiagnosed? (photos included)

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Before coming to this forum, I was convinced I had peyronie's disease. Now that I have read about hard flaccid and ''fake'' peyronie from Dr. Trost comments on younger males, I am totally confused. I am a 31 y/o man and have been noticing worsening of my condition for at least 3 years and rapid worsening in the last 6 months.

Some details about my life that could have gave me peyronie/hard flaccid:

- About 8-10 years ago I started jelquing because I was complaining my penis was too small. My girth improved and I later bought a bathmate to have more improvements which I temporarly did.

- In 2017, I had a back surgery where 2 of my lumbar disks (l4-s1) were removed after 4 years of extreme pain due to a double herniation after a surf accident. That surgery gave me back my life and I could go back to work a live fully. But just right after the surgery, my testicules were completely blue and the left side of my groin and left inner thigh was numb, the surgeon told me it was completely normal. The numbness lasted for about a year and has recovered since then.

About 3 years ago (about a year after surgery, I don't know if it could be linked or not), I noticed a growing curve on the left side of my penis. I thought it was just a curve I used to have but became more visible because my girth had increased. As time went by, I started to notice some indentation under the left side of the glans and some hourglassing, but it was mainly when I was flaccid so I wasnt too concerned about it. Last year in 2021, I was taking a bath and was shocked to see how my flaccid penis had changed in shaped.  I rushed to a private urologist and here is what happened:

He said I did not have peyronie, it was a congenital curve, peyronie cannot be seen while flaccid and told me it was in my head. He also told me to get the penimaster pro anyway and wait 18 months. Since I had observed the changes on my penis, I knew for sure I wasnt born with that curve on the left side. I did buy the penimaster pro and this is when everything started to degenerate. I used it for 4-6 hours a day for 3 months and my condition would only worsen day after day. My penis was longer and bigger but the curve and indentation was also getting bigger.

I became very anxious and depressed and I wasnt happy of the diagnosed I received from the first urologist who almost didnt check me. One month later, I was travelling to Mexico for 3 months and I took the opportunity to see a urologist there and get an ultra sound since it was going to be cheaper. The ultra sound revealed the beginning of a plaque on the left side of my penis near the glans and the urologist diagnosed me with a future (or growing, if you will) peyronie's disease. He prescribed me with colchicine and vitamine e. Since I often experience prostatitis like symptoms, colchicine helped relieve the pain, but the therapy itself did not do anything. I stopped because it caused my too much stomach and digestion problems. Since I was just starting a relationship and was travelling with that person, I stopped using the PMP because I was so ashamed. During the trip, I consider my situation was quite stable.

After 3 months, we came back to Canada, I started again the use of the PMP and could immediately tell the next day that my situation was worsening after a few months appearing stable. Since I could not find any literature saying the traction device could worsen peyronie, I kept using it from time to time. About 3 weeks ago I woke to a weird erection with an amplified curve on the left (about 35 degrees) and a new one now upward. I rushed again to another urologist which maintain the diagnosis of peyronie and prescribed me with restorex, cialis daily 5mg and PRP shot (that I am supposed to get tomorrow).

Since then (3 days ago), I spent my entire days reading on this forum and found out about the hard flaccid condition which I didnt know about and the ''fake'' peyronies. Now I am totally confused and I am not sure which approach I should have.

My symptoms are:
- hard feeling on my flaccid penis, weird shape, often better when i wake up and worsen throughout the day
- prominent curve while flaccid, hour glass deformity that is less perceivable while erected
- Weird penis shape while not completely erected
- Pelvic pain, testicules pain, glans pain and pain in the shaft I cant really touch or identify and prostate pain (I started to have these symptoms after using PMP and since then it is on and off even when i do not use the traction). Sometimes pain is triggered only by thinking about my penis.
- No pain whatsoever while erected, pain usually starts after ejaculation. Penetration, though, is sometimes painful
- I have very frequent urination problem
- Sometimes I have a hard time peeing in the right direction and my flow is sometimes very week
- I used to have normal ejaculation but I have been almost dry for a couple years now. Sometimes no sperm gets out after orgasm.
- I have been having depression episodes for about 17 years but didnt do any medical treatment since I am 15y/o. I meditate, do sports and yoga and eat healthy and try to fight depression on a daily basis.
- I have (undiagnosed) anxiety crisis for the last 3 years (started after my back surgery)
- I lost about 50% of my hair within a few months 2 years ago, which grew back after the use of minoxidil. I was still using the product when again I lost almost all my hair and now they just grew again with PRP shots. Have been stable since then.

Could my mental disorders provoke peyronies? Do I have peyronies? Do I keep using traction device? Will PRP worsen my condition?
- Peyronie diagnosed july 2021
- 30 degree curvature to the left and 10-15 degree upward, keep getting worse.
- Vitamine E and colchicine
- Penimaster pro for 3 months everyday, now once a week
- 31 y/o in a relationship
- Depressed/distressed