Can I get just one Xiaflex injection?

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I had some somewhat rough action with a friend 2 weeks ago and I think it might have done something to me. No pain but I feel my erections are not as full as before that time. I had accepted it and was fine with this disease but not being able to be as fully erect as before is concerning me for the future (Do I maybe give some time for it to recover?)

Anyways, my career is in the arts and I am not making too much (yet) but I am considering Xiaflex. I called to copayment program help and I am waiting to hear from them but reading through some comments here I see that even a first round would bring good results. So my question is, can I just get one round of Xiaflex and see how it goes from there?

Also if I need a second round can I take as long as I want or it has to be within a certain period?
28 yo. Diagnosed March 13th 2020 by Dr Hakim. Prescribed Sildenafil 20 mg before sex, will have Doppler ultrasound on July 25th. ESL 40 on the way and looking to get an affordable VED. Some pain during erections, slight hourglassing.