Difference between sounds waves and shockwaves

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Are these 2 synonymous or are they actually different therapies?  Is ESWT the same as gainswave which are the same as acoustic sound waves which is the same as the phoenix?  Or are these all different?  Has anyone had success with losing their curve using anything like this?  Also, this is supposed to be done early before calcification, right?  There are so many variables!
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Gainswave/Phoenix is not ESWT.
There are many different "real" ESWT devices, most notable difference seems to be focused vs radial and the amount of power delivered.
Devices for use at home are most likely radial. Focussed is recommended since it can go deeper.

Yes, there are a lot of variables and also different experiences.
Some say, use it as early as possible to avoid calcification when acute, some say it as best used for calcifications when stable.
Some say it will help with curve and softening plaques, others say it wont.

Truth is most likely: Nobody knows.

Concensus seems to be, that it could help with pain and has little adverse effects.
36 years old, married
Symptoms since trauma in July 21:
First calcified nodule in septum near glans
Multiple calcified plaques developed on top
Pain (flaccid/erect), 75° upwards curvature, hourglassing
Nothing helped, looking for surgery now