Has anyone tried using Golf Weights as form of Traction? A form of ADS

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I remember on the old PE forums I use to frequent that guys use to use golf weights as a form of ADS (All Day Stretch) to supplement their PE.  Has anyone here used such a thing instead of a traditional Suction or Noose type of traction device?  I'm just curious as I'm thinking about going this route.  I still have some weights that I bought years ago dubbed 'monty's weights'.

I've just had a lot of trouble with the PMP. It seems like I get comfortable with it for a few weeks then I start having issues like slipping, or bruising on the underside of the glans or on the top side of the glans.  Just getting sick of the constant finicky nature of this device.  I tried the Restorex but that gave me a prominent circumflex vein.  So staying away from that. 

I'm thinking about either trying a noose type of traction device like the Jas Extender or looking at golf weights.
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I would steer clear of the golf weights.  You are only asking for problems and a possible injury from something like that.
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Mr man

Have not used golf weights, but have used 'test' weights; 600g.

Applied a suction cup to the glans. Then hooked the weight on. The stretch was really comfortable. It had an organic pulll. Unlike a traction device. That utilizes springs. The springs stretces and would loose there traction.
Weights have a constant '600g' pull. 

Only problem is going about daily business was not possible. Having a swing created various stretch forces. On penis. It was too irritating to Peyronie's damage.

Wearing a traction device gives a stable stretch.

I might try much lighter weight. Perhaps 100g.
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