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Been prescribed daily tadalafil

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Uro prescribed me 5mg of this do take daily or every other day and told me to take it at night to help promote nightly erections. Doesn't this increase the risk for priapism during sleep? I mean you are asleep and have no idea how long your erection will last when on this. The last thing I want is to cause further damage. Could it not be taken in the morning with the same effect?
28 years. Started to develop a rightwards curve in June 2020.
narrowing on right side and about a 20-25° curve to the right.
Weakened erections and instability due to narrowing.

Bud luck

What cause Paraprism is the Trimix injections, stay away from those. It is not common at all to get Paraprism  from Cialis
My first symptoms started early in 2019
I tried Traction device, Pentofixiline, Q10, TRT, L-Argenine, cialis
I have narrowing/dent/hinge on the left side of my shaft
My Erectile Dysfunction is getting worse
Had a PRP shot Aug 2021
I have a girlfriend
Age 46


I don't think 5 mg of cilais ever caused priapism. It did cause me some back pain and my doctor said just cut it in half for 2.5 mg and back pain is gone. Althoughhe also said to give ti time and you probably will accomodate 5 mg
62YO, hourglass indent/hinging at base 30deg bend up 3cmx2cm hard plaque at dorsal base. No Erectile Dysfunction. 3 rounds Xiaflex decreased plaque/indent/hinge/bend. 1 year later, penis went from 7.5 to 5.5 in, but only 15 degree bend and no hinging.