Purchasing make up pads for comfort and creation of a diary!

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Hey guys. As it is shown on this thread (https://www.peyroniesforum.net/index.php/topic,16996.0.html) these makeup pads are supposed to make the device super comfortable to wear. Despite my best intentions, i always struggled with the tape on the device and that was after months of anxiety on trying to clamp it down afraid of causing injury to my penile glans.

So... has a new year´s resolution i have decided to purchase these pads for myself. They are supposed to arrive on the 1st week of February. My idea which will hopefully inspire others is to create a diary as i try to go forth with using the device and the struggles that i have. Hopefully i will be able to proceed with the treatment.

I will definitely be posting pictures on that diary thread that i am going to create but if i am corageous enough and i manage to find a good cell phone tripod i will try to make some videos to post online. The idea is to document things as best as possible and take measurements along the way. We have several members that show pictures of them using the device but it is "here and there" and not something organic to which they contribute often. My goal really is to inspire more folks to try to get the device. I believe the more people that get to use it the better.