25 y/o with erection problems, curve, rotation. Not sure what to think.

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Hi everyone,

Over the past few years, my erections have become noticeably weaker. My penis no longer stands straight up when erect; it enlarges, but either lays to the side, or, when I stand, points drastically to the left and slightly down. It is not maximally hard, and I struggle to maintain the erection for more than a few minutes, even with stimulation.

I initially thought that these problems were due to excessive rough masturbation, and I have cut down on that and now practice gentle masturbation. But the problems persist. Around the time that these problems began to manifest, I noticed a 45-degree curve to the left (my left) when erect and a severe penile torsion when flaccid (sometimes as much as a 90 degree torsion). There is periodic soreness in penis tip and shaft after erection.

I am flummoxed at what could be wrong with my member. I initially thought that I have peyronie's, but there is no tangible plaque, and the curve does not resemble the standard peyronie's bends. Please see the flaccid images (https://imgur.com/a/pgnaN81) and the erect images (https://imgur.com/a/eNfYJ3C). Notice that in two of the erect pictures, I am supporting the penis at the base. This is usually what I have to do to keep it standing up; either that or I flex my pelvic floor. Otherwise I will lose my erection.

To be clear, I don't believe that my penis has always looked this way. I have suffered a few penile injuries over the years; one through masturbation and one through sex (girl landed on me). However, my penis never bruised and the pain from these accidents eventually subsided. However, it appears that it has altered the hang of my penis; I also feel that I may have lost some length, but it is hard to tell what is true and what is perception warped by anxiety.

I have an appointment with my physician in a few weeks, and I suspect that he will refer me to a uro. However, my anxiety and depression has gotten so bad that I felt I needed to reach out this forum for an opinions on my description and images. Are these symptoms familiar to anyone? Is it peyronie's, another type of injury, or a congenital defect?

Many, many thanks.


I agree I don't detect any Peyronies evidence from the images. I do see the torsional twist in the flaccid image. Your erection looks pretty normal, but I don't know what it looked like before.
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I'm obviously not a doctor, so I might not be of great help, but you could potentially have damaged your penile suspensory ligament? That would (at least partly) explain the torsion as well as the erectile dysfunction. This article titled "Repair of the penile suspensory ligament for congenital and acquired pathology" details things relatively well : https://sci-hub.se/https://doi.org/10.1111/bju.14750.
22 y.o

Erectile dysfunction, although apparently no venous leak
Weird nodule under the superficial dorsal vein at the root of the penis, possibly remnant of Mondor's (?)
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Wow @itsjustatest, you are a lifesaver. I read the article and my symptoms are very consistent with a PSL injury. Now I have great information to take into my appointment. Merci beaucoup.


22 y.o

Erectile dysfunction, although apparently no venous leak
Weird nodule under the superficial dorsal vein at the root of the penis, possibly remnant of Mondor's (?)
Apparently no plaques

Have a loving girlfriend who I will marry


Hope things get better let me know I have been dealing with a similar problem
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I can't be sure but you might have hard flaccid. I experienced this myself. From what i've heard It can tilt (but not curve) erections, cause pain in the penis and reduce overall erection strength. I too had weaker erections standing up.

I would give these guys videos a watch and see if what they are saying correlates. I had pelvic pain and hard flaccid. Sometimes people have one or both depending on the facial restrictions and muscle tightness.

If your flaccid isn't firm/hard then it might not be that. But the standing up element is common with people with hard flaccid. There's quite a lot of symptoms that can come with hard flaccid and pelvic pain, and they can get worse without treatment. If you do have this even genetle masturbation will aggravate it. There's crap loads of people in PE forums and masturbation addict forums complaining about hard flaccid because those practises can it seems cause it from the anecdotal evidence around. DCT are the only guys researching it, Nic see's people in his clinic with it. Their course is expensive though but in fairness compared to how much the 'specialist physio's in the field and the operations people get, it is well priced although it doesn't seem it on the surface. Those that commit to it from what i've heard do fully recover, can take time and of course commitment. It's a massive step above any pelvic pain specialist you will see around who don't even know what hard flaccid is.

I would see that urologist but then also speak to these guys. There's a lot of people who have spent 10s of thousands being diagnosed with various pelvic related injuries and had operations which didn't work. It's honestly crazy the amount of half arsed treatments out there which do more damage then good.