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Had my first ultrasound after suffering for 5 years and my 3rd urologist but wasn't expecting the results
vascularity in the dorsal extracorporal soft tissues near the the penile tip. The differential diagnosis includes benign and malignant etiologies. A dedicated penile MRI is recommended for further evaluation.

No evidence of tunica albuginea plaque to suggest Peyronie's disease.


Now I have to get mri. Very nervous. Has anyone had this happen


Hey Joe. You are more than right to be nervous. I read malignant. Unsure on the wording, but i hope malignant doesn't stand for anything cancerous. Good luck and keep us posted!


I would follow up with the MRI and don't freak out about this. The wording of differential diagnosis probably is saying they really can't make a definite diagnosis because it is resembling something that could be of two separate things. When my wife has mammograms they always follow up with another diagnostic because of suspicious tissue areas which are just benign areas she has always had.
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