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Author Topic: Discomfort after Plication  (Read 413 times)

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Discomfort after Plication
« on: December 20, 2021, 08:52:06 PM »

I guess I’ll make this a short story of my plication issues with questions at the end.

I had a plication for a congenital curvature done in early august. I had a hematoma that took a long time to shrink, not interfere with erections. It originated from the side away from the curve and where I assume wouldn’t be stitched. The clotting wrapped around to the other side and everywhere it was the foreskin seemed to be stuck in place. As it slowly shrank I was awoken to popping sensations during night time erections on many different occasions that I thought were the sutures breaking, but now believe was just the clot pulling away from the shaft.

Right now I’m a point where I can feel the place where is seems the hematoma originated. Seems like it’s some sort of blood vessel that runs along the side of the shaft. There is one on both sides, but this one is on the left side. It still seems slightly inflamed and has a tender feel to it. The other side where the curvature was also feels tender still and the skin above both areas is a darker shade and doesn’t move well the circumference of the second half of the shaft. The skin closer to the body moves like it use to.

I’ve discussed the hematoma with my doctor and he doesn’t seem concerned. Not sure if I expressed my concerns well enough or if this really will resolve. The only thing he said might be permanent is a very small, possibly a granuloma that formed above the sutures.

So, wondering if anyone could share any hematoma experiences and how long it takes for this “tender feeling” to go away and if the foreskin loosens up eventually. Also wondering if the sutures kind of scratch the back side of the foreskin causing this issue.

I’m happy with the correction in curvature, though not extreme in the first place it was significant enough to cause penetration issues with my current partner, just not happy about these minor annoyances, currently some tenderness and cosmetic. Also my penis was very veiny before, now it’s hard to notice any veins.

Thank you for your time and I apologize if I’m out of line on my post.


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Re: Discomfort after Plication
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2021, 09:23:36 AM »

I did have a hematoma 8 weeks out from the placation.  I had to go back and have the blood extracted.   Once that was done, my peyronies has started to grown in a different angle.  Instead of sideway, over 8 months, a 45-50 degree up..  thinking of another placation.  But I am wondering, once you have this desease, even though you have placation,  will it once again continue to curve again, and this be a continuing problem the rest of my life
Started 3 yrs ago. Had placation in July 2019.
I did notice shortening 
Update 8/2021 the last 5 months started to bend upward about 45 degrees an inch out.
Now using traction and medication prescribed but cannot tolerate


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Re: Discomfort after Plication
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2022, 10:50:22 AM »

How are you? Have you noticed improvement? Whos is your doctor by the way if you dont mind me asking?
Age: Late 20's
Date of Onset: 2014
Symptoms: Down and left curve 60+ degrees
Treatment: Plication surgery with Levine in 2022 after failed stem cell, traction, shockwave, and other treatments.
Current Status: Now straight. Here to help.
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