Can i buy xiaflex from usa?

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Tony Westen


I'm from Europe, and my urologist suggest me to try some xiaflex injections for my peyronie.I have peyronie for almost 10 years, small scar(10mm), i can't even feel it but i have curvature of 30 degrees upwards and 15 on the right side.
He suggested the first time to try verapamil injections because are more cheaper... and xiapex/xiaflex is not available anymore in my country.But i read a lot of bad reviews about verapamil injections and i don't want to make it worst.
I have the opportunity to visit usa for a month and i was thinking to buy from there Xiaflex.Can anybody tell me how much it costs?The doctor told me that i need 3 shots.

Thank you!
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Interesting question..I wanted to get it here but being under 30 degrees I don't qualify.. like a surgeon you want someone who is very skilled and these injections and has done many in the past. Would you have that type of person to bring the Xiaflex back to in Europe?  
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Im not sure if you can bring Xiaflex into the EU, but I can't imagine why not. Then you only need a qualified urologist to administer it. It is very expensive in the US, don't forget. You can always have it administered in the US, but I have heard negative things about it on the board, so be careful.  
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