Dorsal nerve pain, I need serious advice

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I really need advice here. I've been losing my mind over this for years. 3.5 years ago I injured myself (no pain, no fracture) but a few weeks later I noticed a small dent on the left side maybe the size of rice. I remember squeezing it and getting a shooting pain up into the left side of my glans. I immediately panicked and assumed it was Peyronie's after coming on here. I went to an MD who said he found no scar tissue and thought I didn't need to see a urologist. I personally can't find any scar tissue either and I have no curve.

From then I've been constantly paranoid that I have Peyronie's and my penis has changed shape or shrunk. I can't find the exact dent I found a few years ago, but I check for it every time I'm hard enough. There was nothing to validate that until recently, when I've been getting bouts of pain on the left side of my glans. It's only sensitive to touch, and happens when I'm both hard and flaccid. Usually it lasts a few days. Today I woke up with an erection and when I flexed my pelvic floor I was getting the pain in the glans. As well as when I touch it a certain way flaccid. It's not a heavy pain, it feels like something is so overly sensitive that it hurts or can be equivalent to a small ache.

My question is after 3.5 years can I really be plagued by this? My penis has not changed shape, at least I hope it hasn't. It generally looks the same. Does this sound like dorsal nerve pain? Would it be related to my injury or could it be a trapped nerve? I also have a varicocele in my testicle on that side as well. Please if someone with experience can give me advice.


Im going through something similar I'm convinced it's pelvic floor related as no change in shape like peyronies after 2 years of pain .
39 been noticing pain and curvature to the left and maybe a little upwards for around 6 months. Pain is most days now . Taking vitamin e and arginine daily.


Did you ever have any dent/injury? How would you describe your pain?

I've noticed it flares up and I get the acheyness but after I've had an erection it goes away temporarily. Also if stretch my legs open it seems to help. The only thing that makes me think it's related is it's the same area that hurt after my 'injury' which I'm now thinking could be nerve damage?

Can anyone confirm that 3.5 years is out of the window for Peyronie's development after injury??


So after masturbation or sex I get a dull ache kinda all over. Sometimes randomly my glans is a dull pain and every now and again sharp pain too at random times. Also if I masturbate I can't control the clenching in my pelvic floor sometimes and that causes pain . I'm pretty sure it's my pelvic floor I'm gonna see a therapist soon. Also I've found relaxing and not stressing ( easier said than done I know ) to be helpful pain wise.
39 been noticing pain and curvature to the left and maybe a little upwards for around 6 months. Pain is most days now . Taking vitamin e and arginine daily.


Looks like your nerves have been damaged somehow. My uncle had the same issue, so eventually, his doctor prescribed him Nerve Renewal treatment. Have you already visited your doctor? A forum is not the best place to ask for medical advice, actually. It's said don't ask for any law or medical advice on the Internet. Anyway, if you're still here, I highly recommend you visit your doctor. And usually, one doctor's opinion is not enough, so you should visit 2-3 specialists to compare the conclusions. That's the only way. Best wishes. Take care


This post is near 20 months old, I wouldn't expect a reply. As this is your first post, are you suffering/investigating Peyronies disease?
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