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I wanted to come off the Pentox - have been on it for a few years but on and off. My urologist suggested to stay on it as it can prevent further progression of the disease.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
34 Years Old...Peyronies for 4 years. 20 Degree left and upwards curvature, major dents and narrowing, Erectile Dysfunction.

Implant + Tunica Expansion Procedure, 7th Feb 2023, Dr Chris Love (Australia), Titan 22cm +2cm RTE


I was on it during active stage.. who knows if it did anything but if you're stable not sure the point. My uro felt it could greatly increase risk of bleeding and  there was too much risk of death by serious injury for what is was worth long term..I lost a lot of weight on it which was nice... bit my lip and almost ended up in the ER though ha. Personally I think it's a BS drug but it made me feel like I was doing something at the time.
35 yrs old
Onset 05/01/20 diagnosed 05/14/20. Taking Pentox, trental, multivitamin, Zoloft & Tylenol
Traction was painful and made it worse
Lateral plaque by glands 20 degrees left/ narrowing
Lost about 2cm length