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Author Topic: Recommended implant surgeon in the UK + private COST + NHS?  (Read 110 times)

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Recommended implant surgeon in the UK + private COST + NHS?
« on: November 18, 2021, 04:11:29 AM »

Hi all

I've tried various consevrative treatments since developing peyronies on 2018. I haven't maaged to ' fix ' the 30-40 degree curve. I think I've improved the narrowing a fair bit and the size is still good I believe, but the dreaded curve is persistent

So I have recently started considering the option of an implant. From users such as Hawk and others , it seems almost like a no brainer in many ways.

But I live in the UK, and we do not have private health cover that pays for this as in the USA. Have any UK users had an implant succesfully? If so, could you tell me with whom please ? And the overall cost. And your results. I would possibly consider travelling to the States to get it done, if it means getting it done with a Doc with more experience in this arena , and prices are similar

I have read that there can still be a loss of length, which would deter me possibly. Although most accounts appear to be a gain/ regain of a cm or 2

I don't have bad Erectile Dysfunction. I do take Cialis 5mg every day and have been since 2018. So, without this , there may be an issue there possibly. I don't think think taking any pharma drug for the rest of your life is a good idea anyway. Plus I like the idea of just getting it up on demand and to keep going as long as she wants!
47 , penis trauma July 2018 leading to Peyronies. 30-40 degree dorsal curvature, narrowing after plaque. 

I'm attacking it though, and I will fix this!

VED, traction, DMSO, Ultrasound, Acupuncture, meds, herbs


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Re: Recommended implant surgeon in the UK + private COST + NHS?
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2021, 12:19:48 PM »

I'm flying up to Glasgow  ( from Bournemouth ) tomorrow to see Michael Fraser - he seems to be regarded as the one of the highest volume surgeons and most experienced in the UK. i have a 60 degree dorsal and moderate Erectile Dysfunction so i am hoping he is pro an implant for me. He is also on the NHS but i guess the waiting list is long and you would need to fulfil certain criteria. His cost is around £15k.

A 30-40 degree curve with no Erectile Dysfunction IMO doesn't warrant an implant and I cant imagine many,  if any , top docs would implant you, although i may be wrong.
36 year old type 1 Diabetic - First noticed curvature to the left 4 years ago. Now at circa 40 degrees - Dorsal-Never any pain, intercourse do-able in limited positions. Loss of length circa 2 inches
5g Tadilifil daily
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