Curve has straightened due to more plaque - should I do Xiaflex?

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57 years old with Peyronies Disease for about 2 years. A year ago I had a 45 degree downward curve that made sex impossible. Since then I've developed new plaques on the top of my shaft that have corrected that. So I am more or less straight but project upward maybe 20 degrees relative to my body. Sex is possible now with the right position. Frankly, at this point in time my main issue is the profound loss of length and the hourglassing which has been really hard on my self esteem. My wife does not care about that and is happy we can have sex again.

My uro (Dr. Karpman) wants to treat the top plaque with Xiaflex (plus RestoreX traction) and if that recreates the downward curve, repeat the treatment on the bottom plaque later. I'm worried that treatment might make me worse from where I am now, re-introducing a curve and whatnot. Should I do it? Or should I cut my losses and just hope for no more changes? And is there any chance I can regain my lost length with this treatment?


Interesting situation.. I couldn't find a uro who would give me Xiaflex being under 30 degrees. At least one that would push it through my insurance and not make me pay out of pocket. I have chosen to cut my losses but if I had found this option it would have been a tougher choice. I'd love to hear if Xiaflex helped at all w: narrowing. I know there isn't much evidence of that
35 yrs old
Onset 05/01/20 diagnosed 05/14/20. Taking Pentox, trental, multivitamin, Zoloft & Tylenol
Traction was painful and made it worse
Lateral plaque by glands 20 degrees left/ narrowing
Lost about 2cm length