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I have CPC, where is the best place to get surgery?

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Hey guys
I stumbled upon this forum yesterday and yeah, I have the same issue as many of you. It would be great if someone could answer a few questions.

So I just turned 24 and had this since puperty. It's a curvature of 30-35° to the left and also, there is a rotation of again 30°.

(This section is just background info, the questions are below for people who don't want to read too much.)
For a long time I kind of ignored this but had it on the back of my mind, which made me insecure regarding dating, but in October of last year I finally got a girlfriend. I was actually surprised to find out that sex wasn't really possible because of the condition (and an erectile disfunction that I am 99% sure is because I can't enjoy myself and am focused on this). I bought one of these fleshlight things to check by myself how things stand and it was actually not possible to put my penis into it and being fully erect (or it would have been very painful). Now really concerned, I checked with a local urologist near where I live (Switzerland) and she confirmed that it's a CPC. She was keen on performing the nesbit operation, which I agreed to. I read up loads before the second appointment in which she explained the operation to me. During this appointment it turned out that she had very little knowledge and practice of the operation and tried to assure me by telling me the chief surgeon will be present as well (he's also not specialised for penis surgery). When I confronted the urologist about the STAGE technique, it turned out that she had never heard of it before. A few days later I finally opened up to my father (who is a doctor as well, not urology) and he told me to call off the surgery. Needing another surgeon (who isn't even an expert) in the room in case it doesn't go well and not knowing about STAGE were two huge red flags in his mind. I called off the surgery a week before it was supposed to happen and have been incredibly thankful for my dad's advice since, especially after reading some of the stories in this forum.
My girlfriend and I broke up a month ago. We never had sex and never really tried after the beginning, which was somewhat fine for her since she had her own issues with sex (psychological ones), of course, the situation still wasn't great. For me it was some kind of refuge where I was having a girlfriend but could postpone the surgery.
Now, I've had a lot of time for introspection and it's clear to me that I have to end this problem. I can't imagine going on dates with this on my mind, I would spend 100% of the time thinking of my penis and how this is all gonna lead to a disaster.
Every time a see a girl now that smiles at me (it's not as if this would happen every other day), or I like, I hate that I can't go for it and it's starting to get really depressing. I just want a normal sex life (and relationship life) like other people have.

So to the questions: I've read up on the limited stuff I could find including ,,Current trends in the surgical treatment of congenital penile curvature, 2019" and the STAGE technique seems to be promising. I found online, like many of you, Dr Kuehhas in Vienna and also Dr Djakovic in Bavaria (I've seen almost nothing about him here). Have any of you been to one of those or to another doctor in europe because of this condition? It seems all great but 90% of what I know about STAGE is directly from the guys who perform it, so it's a super unobjective source, and the local urologist appear to know very little about this topic because they mainly focus on prostate hypertrophia. So is there a catch with STAGE, is it mainly a marketing scheme and doesn't lead to good results?
I haven't had surgery before. My insurance is quite generous and would pay for the surgery in any country, so location is not the primary issue (although it seems to me that there should be a good enough expert somewhere in Europe and I shouldn't have to go the US or so).
What would you do in my situation?

Thanks for any answers, all types of information and advice are very welcome!



Your story is a lot like mine and a lot of the guys on the forum

Your father reacted very well, that's the best advice I can give you, choose a very good surgeon

As for me, I am in France, I had my surgery (failed) almost 2 years ago, I am also looking for a qualified surgeon in Europe, I have done a lot of research and I have read a lot of testimonials, and so far, I have not found one
24 yo

2020: Nesbit surgery for a 55 degrees downward curvature with DrFaix
Result: Residual curvature of 30 degrees and an inflammatory scar

2022 : Surgery correction with Dr Gelman

I lost 2 cm during my Nesbit, I have regained 2 cm with traction


31 yrs old
Severe congenital curvature. 3 straightening surgeries
Big lump/stitch w/ left deviation after 2012 surgery
Severe Erectile Dysfunction after last one in 2014. Still crooked
Slightly improved w/ shockwave therapy
Looks like only one side of my penis works


Quote from: Jack1909 on November 17, 2021, 04:31:20 AM
keep the curvature

Lol I know other people have it worse but in this state it's almost impossible to have sex, let alone enjoyable sex.


30 degree left curvature does not sound as impairing
31 yrs old
Severe congenital curvature. 3 straightening surgeries
Big lump/stitch w/ left deviation after 2012 surgery
Severe Erectile Dysfunction after last one in 2014. Still crooked
Slightly improved w/ shockwave therapy
Looks like only one side of my penis works


@g123 : im 36 yrs old, facing the same problems with cpc as you are. i can understand the mental agony you are going through. it is very good that you are able to discuss this with your dad, even better u called off stage. i was about to sign up and decided not to go with it.

talk to surgeons in the usa. Dr gelman, Dr Brian Christine, Dr Levine etc. decide after consulting with them. given the fact that your insurance is not a problem, getting the surgery done from the best in surgical skills will give u the best chance of a favorable outcome.

good luck to u
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