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What do you do when every day is tough? When you can't find a way to cope? That was me for over a year. I have been in pain, in therapy, and jumped around on different meds. Anxious about the future. I have experienced insomnia and suicidal ideation. I once refused a work assignment because I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through this period of life. But things got better. Slowly. Not great, but better. And this happened for a bunch of different reasons. I found a med to help me sleep. I practice mindfulness to keep me calm. I still go to therapy, but I don't need it as often anymore. And I journal every night. I summarize how my day was in terms of physical and mental wellness. I'm honest. Some nights I feel bad. I hurt, and I say that. And some nights I'm at peace. Sometimes I conclude with a short list of things that I'm grateful for. And sometimes I conclude with a list of Booster Statements – phrases to remind and encourage. I started this about a year ago, and the list has gotten long. Here it is:

1)  This is for my kids [or spouse, or parents, or God, or nieces, or pets, or someone else important to me]
2)  I'm learning from my med trials
3)  I'm a good person
4)  I can bounce back
5)  I Love to be Joyful! And at ease
6)  I stay unattached to outcomes
7)  I can accept pain in the moment
8)  I can Love myself through this
9)  The world Loves me and is a welcoming place
10)  I'm building a new self, which takes time
11)  I don't have to improve myself
12)  I can let go of things I can't control
13)  I can be happy while living with discomfort
14)  I did nothing wrong
15)  I LOVE ME

If you are really down and don't know what else to do, try this. Write your own list, or use mine to get started. (I started out with six items, and it eventually grew to 15!) I do this every night before bed.

Believe in yourself. Believe you can be resilient. You are brave to be here -- braver than most people will ever know. Brave in ways that we can't openly talk about. Really. It might sound cheesy, but it's true. Be well and good luck.
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I agree that a changed mindset and being thankful are wonderful ways to make it through this! I have journaled in the past and it helps me to identify my real emotions and cope with them.
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In my case the condition did make me feel worthless and loose self esteem and self-value, which is something I have struggled with throughout life even before this.

I have come to realise that the only way thing to gain that sense of self-esteem is to do "esteem-able" things. If you do this then you will always have sense of self-worth.

You have to push yourself to do things that make you feel better about yourself even if it is something relatively small, this is applicable for depression in general.

I kind of see the disease like a sergeant in the army, its broken me and now I have to rebuild a stronger version of myself that can cope with the challenges of life (peyronies or otherwise).

In some ways its given me a well overdue kick up the backside, I've finally left my old job for something better after stagnating for 8 years and got round to trading in my clapped out old car for something more respectable.

I thought at the start when I was crying everyday that my life was going to fall apart and I would never be able to progress in life, now I can look back and say I have achieved these things in spite of this and I can feel good about myself.

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It is good to read these posts because it is astounding how many people don't realize sound mental health and a good outlook require work.  So many acts like you either have it, or you don't.  They take no responsibility for their frame of mind. Many of them also brought a very poor frame of mind into Peyronies Disease.  Peyronies Disease only caused them to worsen a poor outlook that was already there.

Anyone can get better mentally, especially someone who simply suffers from a poor attitude, depression, stress, or other neuroses. 

The sad thing is that the way out is pretty clearly understood.  Unlike a broken arm, where it is a doctor's responsibility to fix it, emotional problems require the client or patient to work.  It is more like physical therapy in that regard. If you work hard, you make significant progress.  Knowingly or by a stroke of instinct or luck, both of you have done a few things known to work.  You have made lists including things you have gratitude for or did small things that gave you purpose, noted them, and thought about them.  You have spent at least some time living in the moment where you focused on right now rather than worrying about past issues or future worries.  You have spent some moments letting negative worries pass by rather than ruminating on them.  These are all beginning glimpses of activities that rewire your brain.  With effort, everyone can become skilled at these changes.

Thanks for posting.
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