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Author Topic: Update journal and ongoing battle with Peyronies Disease  (Read 6366 times)

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Update journal and ongoing battle with Peyronies Disease
« on: March 27, 2011, 03:45:17 PM »

I thought I would start this little journal to do little updates about myself and how I'm progressing, also to give everyone a little bit of FYI about myself. Anyone that wants to send me a PM, please feel free to do so. Sorry if this message is a little rambly, it's just a bunch of random thoughts and info typed up one Sunday afternoon.

To start off with, penis pain really sucks and is a scary thing to go through at age 30. I first experienced the pain in September, 2010 while helping a buddy move into a new house. No specific trauma set it off, it just felt like a slight stinging and my penis was very shrunken that day. The pain continued to persist and gradually got worse. My penis just hasn't been the same since that day and has gotten so much worse in so many different ways.

The pain goes from an annoying uncomfortable ache (2 out of 10 on pain scale) to a moderate stinging, burning, aching, cold, shrunken (pain level 6), especially after ejaculation. Within the last 7 months it fluctuates between these 2 pain levels. The pain moves around the left side of the shaft from the base, and even lower then the base into the chode area, and right up to behind the glans. Most of the pain seems to be in the middle area and more closer to the base, then towards the underside of the shaft as well.

A little side note, I believe my penis woes may have developed from many years of sleeping on my stomach. The constant stomach sleeping may have caused many injuries to my penis but because of my youth, my body was able to heal the damage and fend off the pending pain and  keep my attention away from the problem. But now that I'm in my 30's and past my peak, my body could not keep up with the inflammatory process' from past injuries in my penis, basically I'm losing the inflammatory battle. I do feel fortunate to be able to heal the damage at a younger age and set myself up for a healthy long life into my older years, hopefully!

After I ejaculate, the pain is always the worst. The flaccid twist is also the worst after cumming. I could have a rock hard erection all night long, and have far less pain then after a quick little 5 minute jerk off session with ejacualtion. WTF! I believe this is because of certain hormones released after ejaculation by the body to turn the body off of sex desire. Why these hormones cause so much pain, I don't know, maybe because constriction of the tissues and vessels/capillaries. Sorry about the rambling, but once again, I'm just letting it pour out of my brain and onto the keyboard.

Currently, I'm sitting on my couch with my girlfriend. we had sex about 30 minutes ago and guess what!?!?!?! My penis is aching, burning and stinging at about a 4-5 pain level. All along the left side, as usual, I wish my left side felt like my right side of the penis. I guess it could be worse. I should also mention that I lasted about 30 seconds before I blew my load during sex, wow, what a porn star I am! We had foreplay for about 5-10 minutes before that which is always good because I can still get hard as a rock, and the pain isn't too bad during erections and before ejaculation, and I don't have a curve (only about 5-10 degrees tops during erection). I think my premature ejaculation occurs for 2 reasons. I usual haven't had sex for awhile, but who would when their freakin penis aches, or this pain is causing my premature ejaculation for some reason.

Some last thoughts before I post this babe, my main objective is to get rid of the penis pain and avoid developing a curve or losing girth and length. I only have my oral treatments in my arsenal, because VED therapy causing me pain, I have a Soma vitality sitting in my drawer now, even the most gentle routine causes me pain. I've been taking pentox, ubiquinol and fish oil, all 2-3 times a day. I'm also taking 5,000 UI Vit D and 150 mg magnesium malate every 2nd day. I really want to add l-arginine and low-dose cialis very soon.

I feel good about posting this, because now I have a place to come and write down my thoughts and keep a record of whats going on. Sometimes I feel a bit out of control and lost and this journal helps.

If anyone has any questions, please ask, I'm all for constructive criticism and would love to hear another point of view, no matter what it is. Fire away.
April 02, 2011, 09:48:10 PM »
Thanks for the input chefcasey. I do feel fortunate not to be experiencing Erectile Dysfunction, erect curve or piable plaques. Whether it's Peyronies Disease or not, I just want to find out what is causing my penis pain. Soon I'll be seeing a Uro for the first time and maybe he can give me a logical answer.

Update, I added Cialis today and now my regime looks like this:

- 2.5 mg Cialis daily
- 100mg ubiquinol 2-3x a day
- pentox 2-3 times aday
- fish oils 2-3 times a day

May 02, 2011, 10:43:21 PM »
The pain is down to almost non-existant again, since April 25. Alittle bit of burn after sex but hardly noticable. I'd say I'm at 95% healed and worry about my penis health very little throughout the day. I am extremely happy that I have this monkey off my back, hopefully it is not temporary. I have added 8-12mg of Astaxanthin recently, is this the reason for my recent success???

My current regime:

8-12mg astaxanthin daily
2-3 x a day pentox
3 x a day fish oil
cialis 2.5 mg daily alternating with 25mg trazodone

June 16, 2011, 09:38:33 PM »
I've been sticking with the pentox 2-3 times a day. I've been also collecting the excess pentox so if I want to try the mega dosing of 2x400mg pentox 3 times daily.

I've recently stopped astaxanthin (because I ran out) and decided to finish off a bottle of ubiquinol 100mg tabs. I think I perfer the astaxanthin because it seems my pain has returned more since stopping astaxanthin and replaced it with ubiquinol. I highly recommend 12mg astaxanthin 3 times daily.
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