Effect of Diet/Supplements on ED

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How much of an effect do diet and pills/supplements ( not including PDE5 Inhibitors ) actually have on Erectile function with Peyronies?  

I have two plaques, which are stopping adequate blood flow causing both a Dorsal curve and weaker erections.

Aside from Mechanical therapies such as traction and VED, is taking supplements like L-arginine, Maca, Ginseng etc and foods rich in antinflamatory / healthy diet etc actually going to improve erectile function or, due to the presence of the plaque, will they have little effect? I Realise L-Arginine has its place, as do PDE5's and understand that smoking and alcohol consumption will only make things worse but are supplements, either those mentioned or others more of a placebo?

37 yr old type 1 diabetic. Implanted with a 18cm Titan by Michael Fraser 14/2/22 using scrotal incision. Has implant due to 70 dorsal curvature, erections were average ore surgery


you would need to go see a peyronies specialist it seems like you did everything you can do.


the more of us that bug the doctors the better for us because they will have to do something