Fractionated C02 Laser for Peyronies Clinical Trial - ASAP help needed!

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Hello folks,

I really appreciated any immediate feedback and wisdom as I have 2 days before I accept myself into a clinical trail using Fractionated C02 Laser or not.

This is a year long clinical trial, 3 laser beams 6 weeks apart. I'm just beginning my research into this type of laser, but apparently it has good results with the hand condition that is similar to peyronies. 

However, I am really concerned about any potential negative side effects. The only ones the doctors stated were things that would go away shortly.
But they could not gauruntee no long term issues because this is the whole point of the clinical trial, to determine its efficacy and safety.

Has anyone here on the forum received this type of treatment, or does anyone have any resources or wisdom to share?


I would do it.  If your looking for support...I would say try it.  As long as it is done by a professional organization and real doctors not just cosmetic ones, try it.  The same treatment is done on burn victims and facials.  I think next to the penis everyone worry's about facial features and it is very commonly used there I believe. 
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Hey mate,

I would suggest that you try it. It seems promising, I would enrol in the study myself if I lived in Canada.
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Quote from: Mentos on September 29, 2021, 03:18:57 PM
Hello folks,

I really appreciated any immediate feedback and wisdom as I have 2 days before I accept myself into a clinical trail using Fractionated C02 Laser or not.

I think you're a lucky guy to have a chance to be apart of something so experimental. Can you elaborate on some of the risks and side effects they told you about?
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Hey man... I was surprised and interested to read about the clinical trial. I was not aware of it. It was good to know. As with everything in life, there are risks and benefits to things. I thought this was going to be from some shady place but turns out it is from the University of British Columbia.

I would not have the courage to do it if it was me. But all the power to you, if you decide to go through. I will ask the staff if we should get this link sticky so it raises a bit more awareness.
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Are you sure this treatment is new? , I did laser treatment, ultrasound and magnetotherapy with a physiotherapist 4 years ago, and I did not notice any changes. it only temporarily relieved the pain.
I can't confirm if the laser was the same, I don't remember
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That was run by my doc, I haven't seen him in over a year but I'll see if I can get another referral and I'll question him more when that happens. Referrals and appointments are slow af in canada so I can't promise any quick info but I'll do what I can