Tried Xiaflex, 2 -3 rounds. Has anyone tried this NYC clinic and therpy?

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I had 2-3 rounds of injections of Xiaflex.  It did nothing.

Anyone been to City Side Medical Clinic (citysidemedicalclinic DOT com) NYC or had this type of treatment? 

I live in NJ and see commercials for this clinic daily I have an upward curve and DO get an erection but have lost substantial length and girth. 

It's obvious that there is blood flow on the underside but not on top side... Hence, the curve up.
I am 62


You haven't tried traction or VED? That acoustic wave crap doesn't have any proof that it works.
MIA - nothing works after 5 months
supplements and pharmaceuticals I've tried:
cialis, pentox, magnesium chloride, dim, turmeric, hyaluronic acid, vitamin k2, paba, l-arginine, l-citrulline. either get surgery (and possible Erectile Dysfunction), get implant, or pray