Got diagnosed with Peyronies. Here is my doctor's plan

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Finally, after a lot of hesitation (more fear than anything else) and went to a specialist doctor to get my Peyronie's diagnosed and a plan on what to do next.

In a nutshell, here are the results after the examination from the doctor:

- I'm passed the initial stage when the plaques are forming. He said that if I had come on that stage it would have been easier to eliminate them.

- Nonetheless, I have 2 plaques, not calcified yet, meaning the process is still ongoing. Curvature of about 30 degrees to my right. No other symptoms.

After the diagnosis, the doctor suggested the following treatment plan:

- 1 pill a day of Tadalafil Accord 5Mg - This is to improve the quality of my erection (apparently it's sort of Viagra competitor). This should be complemented by a vacuum device used twice a day for 5 minutes)
- 6 Injections of Introna 25MIU/ 2,5 Ml. These should be injected every week. After the 6 dosage I should photograph my penis to see if there was any improvement in the curvature. However, the injection's main purpose is to avoid calcification of the plaques.
- If after this treatment the curvature does not improve he suggested a surgery, where they would shorten my penis in about 1 cm but that they guarantee it would solve the curvature issue. There is also another type of surgery (for the same effect) where they lengthen the penis in about 1 cm, but this one is a bit more complicated and implies the application of some sort of mesh fiber in the penis. The doctor said he would not recommend the second one. 

So, I'm one week away from starting the treatment but I'm hesitating. Why? My question is simple: how painful are the injections in the penis? Any side effects to be expected? Has any of you went through a similar treatment? If yes, can you please share the experience?

Thank you
51 y Old, married, 2 kids. Symptoms started beginning of 2020. Just recently got my diagnose: no pain, no other symptoms besides a 30% curvature on the penis. Plaques still did not calcify.


Are you not able to have sex with a 30 degree curvature?
34 yrs Old, Healthy very active
Possibly injured penis or took too much Cialis
Symptoms starting January-February 2021
First dent seen April 4, 2021, painful erections


The Tadalafil sounds like a good idea.  The surgery does NOT.  As Kobegianna asked, are you unable to have sex as it is?

As for Intron A, this drug was manufactured by Merck, but they have made a business decision to discontinue it.  Intron A for injection was discontinued in March 2021 and there should be little to no remaining stock.  The powder version, also for injection, was discontinued at the same and the stock is expected to be depleted by July 2022.  So you should ask your doctor EXACTLY what he thinks Intron A is going to do for you. 

I mean, this drug is used to treat some very specific types of cancer, such as hairy cell leukemia, malignant melanoma, follicular lymphoma, Kaposi's sarcoma caused by AIDS, and certain types of genital warts.  I would be very suspicious of any doctor who wants to use a discontinued drug - maybe he just wants to get rid of his stock?  And more to the point, why in the world would he prescribe a drug that is used against cancer and malignant tumors for Peyronies Disease? 

Ask your doctor more questions!  Don't just believe what he says because he's a doctor.  Make him explain it to you in a way you understand and let this Forum know what he says.

Thank you!
Age 64, Peyronie's history 4 years, left side hourglass, 20-degree bend to left, no Erectile Dysfunction