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Author Topic: What is the ultrasound process like / how long does it take / how invasive?  (Read 786 times)

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I posted about my condition in another thread but I think I'm going to go back to my urologist and request an ultrasound (or MRI?) so I know once and for all if I have scar tissue on my penis.

I was wondering, for those who've gone through the procedure, how invasive is it and what exactly do they do? Do they use a handheld device to scan your penis when it's flaccid? (I had an ultrasound on my abdomen for a sports hernia once and they used a handheld scanner, so that's what I'm assuming they do for peyronies too, but just curious.)

I guess for peace of mind and setting expectations I just wanted to know what the entire process looks like and how long it takes.



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When I had my ultrasound performed it was by Dr Levine.   He used a small handheld scanning tool on my flaccid stretched penis first then gave me an injection to induce an erection.  Then after 10 minutes he scanned it a second time.  He said was looking for plaques and any fibrous tissues as well as the blood flow.  It really wasn't that painful at all. The injection was like a small pinch.
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Same for me, was fairly routine.
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Yep same for me as well, basically exactly the same process as Mikel7 describes. It was actually quite interesting to see the plaque on the display for me, I did not think much about what was happening down there :)
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