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Mr T

Hi guys..

Hope someone can shed some light on this as I'm getting very frustrated.

I am 3 weeks post 16 dot plication.. Things seem to be healing well.  I am uncircumsized and am now struggling to retract my foreskin when flaccid.  I can probably put this down to the thick and still rigid scar tissue where the ventral incision was made.  I no longer have any pain, just loss of feeling round the scar..

I am getting 4 or 5 nocturnal erections each night, and have done since day one post op (boy, did that hurt in the first few days!) They don't bother me now and no longer wake me but I usually wake erect.  The surgery has Definately worked (at this point) from a straightening perspective, but I have lost a lot of length.  Pre Peyronie's, and even after, with my bend, my foreskin fully retracted during an erection, now, it doesn't budge at all.. There isn't the length in my penis to out pace the skin!

Anyhoo, that's just background.  My issue is skin mobility.  When erect, the skin seems attached to the shaft rather than if moving freely.. I've tried retracting my foreskin whilst erect and nothing happens.. The skin on the shaft just doesn't move.. Which is, to say the least, freaking me out!  Has anyone else experienced this? Almost feels like the skin has been surgically attached to the shaft itself!  
55 Y/O
45 deg upward bend, non congenital (injury) Peyronies
Post op 16 point plication (August 2021)
Between Peyronie's and surgery, significant (2.5-3") loss of length

Congenital curvature

I had a STAGE surgery with Dr. KUEHHAS I am 5 weeks post op and I have the same problem, did it get better with time or is it permanent?
KUEHHAS STAGE on August 2023 - I lost my frenulum without knowing it would happen. Sadly this happened to some others member here, I'm depressed like never before now.,19985.msg165574.html#msg165574


I am not sure about this, but at this point s would suggest you wait another 3 weeks to fullyI heal from the surgery. Doctors also recommend normally traction post surgery to help with the penis not retracting so much. Where you given any post op instructions?