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It has been since 2018 when I last posted on this forum (I believe). Everything has remained stable until the last 3-4 months.  I started taking BioCell Collagen with glucosamine chondroitin and MSM.  I had read somewhere that the BioCell was really good for your connective tissues and showed positive results for reducing wrinkles and overall skin health.  This is the only change I made and I did not have Peyronies Disease in mind when taking it.

About a month into it I read something that collagen taken for this purpose was mainly type 2 collagen and I almost stopped as I thought my doctor said that Xiaflex only dissolved type 2.  I was nervous that adding more collagen type 2 might stir up my Peyronies Disease again.  I did not stop and I am lucky I didn't.

First, I have no way of knowing if taking this improved my Peyronies Disease or if it was just coincidental.  Second, I do not sell or have an interest in the BioCell or the particular product I was taking.  I have been reluctant to post this as I don't want to raise false hopes or jinx myself.  I am and will continue to take it.

What has happened is that my penis has almost completely filled out again and most of the curve has gone along with the plaque.  The strand that started about two inches from my base has gone.  The original nodule has shrunk and seems much softer.  It seems that it is continuing to improve.  I have not measured myself or tried to gauge the curvature angle yet.  I know this sounds stupid but I'm afraid I'll jinx myself.  I have cut back on sex as I am afraid it might reverse progress but I am about to start that up again and hope for the best.

Keep in mind that even if the BioCell is responsible for this sudden improvement, that doesn't mean it will work for you.  We are all just a little different.  I have not put the name of the product I am taking as I presume that is not allowed.  BioCell is sold to other manufacturers who add it into their products.  The one I am taking is a hyaluronic joint complex with glucosamine chondroitin and MSM that also has the BioCell.  I was already taking the glucosamine with chondroitin so I guess the hyaluronic acid was also something new I introduced in my body along with the BioCell.

Never give up!


My Peyronies Disease started in 2012 when I was 57.  I am in very good physical shape and have been most of my life except for BPH and Peyronies Disease.


Yesterday I woke with morning wood and had a good chance to examine myself.  It was the best my penis has looked since 2012 when this nightmare started.  It has almost completely filled out and I am guessing I have gained back about an inch to an inch and one-half since my worst level.  Most of that gain happened in the last  4 or so months. It is really difficult to find my plaque and it is not sore when I do.

I still have some curve but it is a smooth gradual curve and if it stays like this for the rest of my life I will be ecstatic! My distal narrowing is almost completely gone and where it was most damaged on my left side was very hard.

I don't know a lot about BioCell Collagen but the reason I tried it was based upon something read about Jennifer Aniston using it.  I really don't care mush for Hollywood and actors but she seems to use this as part of her regimen and she certainly looks good.  I replaced my glucosamine chondroitin supplements with the Hyaluronic joint complex that included the BioCell and also MSM.  My first concern was my joints and I have read that MSM helps with that too and I figured why not add the BioCell as well.  I did not choose the product she used and from what I have read including it in a liquid form is supposed to be better for you.

Keep in mind that even IF THIS IS WHAT HELPED ME IT DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL WORK FOR YOU.  Prescription drugs help many, do nothing for some and can actually kill a few.  

I have not done traction or vacuum in years.  No supplements other than the glucosamine and chondroitin.  


I am using Hyaluronic Joint Complex from Source Naturals.  I found them on the BioCell website as they list some of the manufacturers who include BioCell in their products.  A personal trainer I follow on linked-in also recommends it but in the liquid form.

I believe that it was my urologist who told me that the plaque is type 2 collagen when explaining how Xiaflex worked.  He said that it dissolves type 2 plaque and not the others.  I was concerned that the Xiaflex could cause additional damage.  There might be info on the Xiaflex website how the products works.  It has been quite a while since I researched this.

I actually had forgotten this and remembered it after using the BioCell for about two months and almost stopped because I was concerned that adding more collagen might make things worse. If BioCell is responsible for my improvement I am so glad I didn't quit.  I don't know when I noticed improvement but I guess it started while using it for about three months.

I do not know for sure that BioCell or for that matter adding MSM into my supplements caused the improvement but it seems to be continuing.  I briefly considered switching to a liquid version (more expensive) or increasing the amount I am taking but decided not to do so.  I don't want to change what am am doing as it is continuing to work.

Even if BioCell or MSM caused my improvement my results are anecdotal. A clinical trail would be needed to actually prove or disprove it.

I held back reporting this here partially because I didn't want to jinx myself or give others false hope. I clearly remember how desperate I was to find a solution. I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix this for everyone.  Peyronies Disease is a horrible disease mentally and physically.  The best advice I can offer is to not give up and keep a positive mental attitude and believe that you are improving.  Your mind directly affects your body.  Stay strong and don't neglect your entire health.

I have been actively working out 5-6 times a week for 48 years - vigorously and will until I drop. My goal has always been that I want to be in better shape and health tomorrow than I am today.

To quote Winston Churchill "NEVER GIVE UP!".


When I first got Peyronies Disease it was painful.  First time I got severe bend was very painful.  My plaque was always painful or tender to touch.  Happy to say that I don't have pain now.

Without a clinical trail we won't know if this really helped me or not.  Even if it does, it will probably help some and not others, just like prescription meds.


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why is no one replying to this it seems like a solution?

 No one is replying because this board is only for posting on specific improvements and is not for a 2 way conversation.  The posted rules gives you more info.  :)
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