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@danny; 4" after TEP is too short. I remember you saying that your doctor expects 7".

29 year old. I was taking 400 Mg spironolactone to treat hair loss. Xanax withdrawal in combination with spironolactone shrunk my penis from 6" to 4".
I am seeking information about the sliding technique.


Post-Surgery week 4

Hi Shrunken_dick, I totally agree about the size, although I may have undersized my length in the last post as I redid the measurement today while fully erect. One issue I see is that the pelvic area above the penis is protruding significantly (which is all new to my body and is clearly part of the post-surgery) and he did say that the swelling will come down and will change the appearance and give me more length.  I remeasured myself bone pressed on the top at the body (where it is extended outward as I mentioned) it's like 5" and yet if I measure on the side of the penis where it begins at the body it measures 7' so it's very hard to say which is an accurate measurement. I have attached a picture to show what I am trying to say. In any case, I have begun cycling about 2 hours 2 to 3 times a day at maximum pumping (the pump is extremely hard to press down) so lets see what many months of this stretching will do.  
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4 rounds of Xiaflex.  1-2" length loss (surgery may correct)
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Update your signature line.  You are not implant bound.  

Include your procedure, the date, your surgeon, the implant model, size, and any RT extenders.

Also, is this your journal or GaussRifle's topic?  I want you to have a good journal that people can follow.  I will gladly make posts about your implant a separate topic.  I also recommend you start every post with
"Post-Surgery week ?"  
That way members can follow your progress and you can refer back to your journal when talking to others or when looking at your own progress.
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