Psychological or my Peyronie's???

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Hi all,

I've had Peyronie's for about 2.5 years now. I am 27. This is all relatively new to me in terms of joining the forum and seeking support. Over the past 5 months (due to a suspected re-injury) - my plaques have gotten larger and I've noticed a series of indentations a curve to the left and a slight curve down forming more dinstinctly.

I am still straight enough for intercourse (when fully erect), but I seem to get so anxious about what my penis will look like when erect that  once I start getting aroused down there and see even the slightest initial sign of the indentation or a curve, I seem to almost have a panic attack that takes me out of the moment almost immediately. It's really killing me and my wife's sex life and my own mind. I already have an anxiety disorder and I am just so sick of having to think about this.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this, or has sought out any counseling, or has any advice for getting over this mental aspect of Peyronies Disease? Has anyone been able to get over this psychological aspect? How long did it take? Thanks for any advice



I've had Peyronies Disease for 2.75 years now, so you and I are on the same timeline although I'm twice your age.  Mine started with a 45 degree curve which happened overnight.  I was so everwhelmed, I didn't know where to turn.  Thank God for the internet; I goggled painful erections and found Peyronies.  I had never even heard of Peyronies.  I immediately went to see my urologist and he confirmed what I had.  Other than telling me what I had, he was really of no help.

After that, I wasted a lot of time and money buying "cures" and "help" from different websites on the internet and hoping one of them worked.  Obviously, none of them did; then I found this website and started helping myself.

Through it all, I tried to stay positive about a cure.  Now, two years later, I'm a lot less positive about a cure, but a lot more positive about living with it.  I'm very fortunate that I have a supportive wife and we have learned over the years to have a great sex life in spite of the fact I have a crooked penis.

My best advice to you is to keep an open line of communication with your wife, take all the recommended supplements and use a VED on a regular basis.  And, stay positive about living with Peyronies Disease.  If sex is not painful, forget about what your penis looks like and concentrate on how it feels.  Trust me, you can still have a great sex life, even with Peyronies Disease.

Good luck and keep the faith.



Thanks GS.

I had a great talk last night with my wife that was inspired by your post...we talked realistically about the future, what our sex life can look like, open communication, patience, etc. She is going to check out this forum as well. We also talked about future treatments. She was very reassuring and wanted me to know that our sex life doesn't hinge on having intercourse every single time, and that as we reinvent what this sex life looks like that there doesn't have to be any pressure. I guess I just have to do my part and BELIEVE her and try to take my mind off of this awful disease so I can enjoy life again.

Thanks again for your support. Everyone I have met in here has been so supportive and ultimately positive which I appreciate.



Dont get nervous, she's your wife. Be thankful you have a woman to go through this with you, let her know your anxiety, this is not something you want to suck it in, the last thing you want to do is ruining your sex life with your wife over this. Just let her know and she'll help. Honestly i dont think she cares if it's bend or indented as long as it can still do the job and she's supporting you, there's no reason to get nervous. You want to fix it, but that's another story, meanwhile keep your sex life going and dont stop. Good luck!



I'm glad my advice helped.  I thought about sending a PM, but thought it would be better for everyone to see our correspondence.  I'm sure there are other guys on this forum going through the same issues.

Guys, trust me on this one; women are a lot more concerned with what you are as a man than how straight your penis is.  If your curvature still allows for sex, you should have as much as your Peyronies will allow.  If your curvature won't allow sex, that's a different issue and you might have to consider surgery.  But, for most of us, we just have to keep our big head on straight and not let Peyronies Disease keep us from living our lives.