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I'm seeing people toss around the idea of using Contractubex for Peyronies disease. A few members have even stated that it significantly correct the bend in their penis (which is great), and want to know if anyone else has had experience with this topical cream. Can anyone provide inside into this alternative treatment? Are there any possible negative effects?

Thanks guys
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Hi IBW, my friend and I are currently using Contractubex cream on the recommendation of a urologist who said that that is a treatment that is recommended at symposiums in the last two years that he has been to and that, apart from surgery, it is the only alternative solution that they are recommended to advise patients. That's what he told to us.

We've only been using the Contractubex for 2 months. I haven't noticed any improvements so far, and a friend who has a much larger curvature says that his penis is straighter at rest. X-rays confirmed that the plaque was slightly softer. This information is obscured due to the fact that a friend has previously used verapamil gel as well as injections that may have some delayed effect.

According to the doctor's advice, the cream should be used for a minimum of 6 months and up to 12 months.

I was hoping to read more about this therapy on this forum. Unfortunately, there's not much information as I expected. I'll update this post after 6 months with new information. It would be nice if someone else could write something more If there's more...
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