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Plication with gelman tomorrow

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Hello guys having plication surgery tomorrow with gelman. Very nervous, hoping for a good result. Will post an update. Not sure if my bio line is filled out but I've had peyronies since 2019. Been stable since last spring and have been bothered by the curvature about 35 degrees combo of up and left and at 21 years old I wanted to make a decision that I thought would improve my life and especially sex life going back to college in the fall... so I hope it does. Scared nervous, etc
20y old. Pentox, healthy anti-oxidant diet. Stable, but no progress either.


Good luck to you! You have my support! Thank you also for keeping us informed of your condition
24 yo

2020: Nesbit surgery for a 55 degrees downward curvature with DrFaix
Result: Residual curvature of 30 degrees and an inflammatory scar

2022 : Surgery correction with Dr Gelman

I lost 2 cm during my Nesbit, I have regained 2 cm with traction


Good luck man, you'll do great!  I just had my plication surgery on 6/17 with Dr. Brian Christine ( 1 week ago to the day ) and am recovering.   Just be patient with your recovery.  Gelman is one of the best surgeons out there from all that I've seen and read. 

I would recommend following all of their recommendations post surgery.  Especially, laying as flat as you can for the first 48 hours and using the ice packs as they instruct during that time.  The swelling and bruising is probably the worst of the procedure up front and the more you stave it off the faster you will recover.  Also, be prepared for sleeping disruption based on the fact that you wont be able to sleep on your side and be woken up with nocturnal erection pain.  It's not that bad, especially if you've had a painful active peyronies phase.  Lastly, you possibly will end up with a swollen meatus(pee hole) and your pee will be shooting anywhere but straight at start/end of stream.  Just have a 16 ounce plastic cup handy to pee into so you aren't cleaning your bathroom all day. 

Pain overall will be very manageable after the first couple of days with Tylenol. 

PS: I think if you are an active person like I am, being down recovering will cause some stir craziness after a few days. 
45 Yrs old, Peyronies Disease Onset 11/2019, Stabilized 6/2020.

Dent/Hourglassing distal and dorsal side, lost length and girth.

Underwent Plication with Dr. Brian Christine in Birmingham, AL on 6/17/2021. Fully recovered with no complications.


Bustedchubb, Hi friend, According to Brian Christine's second secretary Regan - Brian Christine doesn't accept foreign-international peyronie sufferers. So, Could you ask him why he doesn't accept international people or why he accepts people randomly!? Thanks in advance. Sincerely.
Young and regularly thinking about this issue
Peyronie's without curvature since April 2012 due to injury
Almost constant discomfort and Loss of penile sensation
Still fighting - trying to find a top famous specialist


leaning, good for you. Hoping for a perfect result!  I think this will be the year I ask Dr. Gelman to perform plication surgery on me. So, am curious about your experience. Again, hoping for perfect result for you.
Age: 63;  Peyronies Disease diagnoses: MAR 2019;  Onset: Immediate & severe;  Treatment: Xiaflex, APR 2019 to early 2021, slow & steady improvement w/ notable Xiaflex improvement through 2021. Incisional corporoplasty scheduled for late 2022.

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