Xiaflex un Europe??

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Is there a way to get this treatment in Europe after the medication was discontinued?? I live in Spain and this seems to be the best,most effective non invasive treatment.

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I have the same question!  
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Hey guys,

I asked this question recently to my uro (Dr Galiano, Paris): he told me that unfortunately we should not count on it anymore, as the US Company discontinued export for financial matters, and almost no one in Europe (public authorities or health professionnal that could try to do lobby job) cares about it and will fight for Xiaflex being authorised again inside EU, in a near future at least...

Anyways, don't lose hope in the meatime, and try everything you reasonably can on this forum to improve your condition: you can and will finally find something or some things that will really work for you!!


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so I need to travel to US in order to get it done, that's ridicolous
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I think unfortunately traveling to the US to get Xiaflex may be your only option. I think the manufacturer pulled it from the European market out of greed. They probably weren't getting paid enough through the national health plans so they just yanked it and went back to the States where they could rip everyone off on the cost.  
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I´ve been quoted collagenase injections from Lyxurologia Spain. I don´t know what kind of collagenese they have, but Xiaflex (Xiapex) is also collagenase (collagenase clostridium histolyticum). I have asked if it something similar than Xiaflex, but haven´t got any answer. Anyway, it needs several injections, once a month, so for me it is not possible to travel monthly between Finland and Spain.  Maybe you lumineer78 as living in Spain can ask more information and post it here?
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A few months ago, I reached out to one of the representatives of Xiapex in Europe, and I was told that they took it off the market and are not going to supply it to Europe in the foreseeable future. BUT then I emailed a distributor of Xiapex in Europe, and this is what I was told:

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Hi Pete, were you able to get more info about collagenase injections from Luxurologia?
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