Why is Dr. Karpman on the list?

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I've been doing my research on implants.  Just went though Merrix's journal, absolutely fantastic, very objective.

I've been looking through this forum for people who have seen Dr. Karpman, and I can only find one person so far.  Are there any other hidden posts of Dr. Karpman implanting?
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I think if you do a search on his last name and check the box by "show results as messages" that you get 175 hits.  You can scan those but most are by one guy who had surgery by him.  

He is well respected.  Listens to patient input and has never produced a bad result in the cases we know about.  
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FYI, Dr Karpman did my surgery 10/26.  I couldn't be happier with him as a Dr.  very thorough, thoughtful, and patient.  He is definitely a high volume surgeon
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