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We all have to learn somewhat by trial and error.  You can read how to do it all day but in the end how do you know what is optimum for you?

The first few times I tried the VED I over pumped.  Nothing terrible happend but the discomfort is the bodies feedback.  From that experience I learned where my edge is and not to exceed it. I don't need to extend my penis longer than a natural errection to get very good benefit.  
We all have to experiment and be vigilant to what our bodies are telling us.  Pain is bad.  Throw out the idea of "no pain no gain".  

I would not start the VED again untill your Doc gives you the OK.

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Ved isnt a good approach to correcting peyronies disease because so many things can go wrong and really in all fact isnt a cure for the problem.  


My opinion is that VED it is a good approach just have to be carefull and not to overpump.
I gain 1/2" using the single cylinder VED, and is not a professional one. Other people on the forum had much better results with the 3 cylinders VED.

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I believe most problems from VED usage is over pumping - that is, too much vacuum or a combination of too much vacuum and too long a hold time.

The typical VED recommended here (on the forum) is the type designed for erectile dysfunction - none of them (that I have seen) have a gauge or any other way to measure vacuum.

A homemade or do-it-yourself VED can be designed with a gauge.


I've used the VED for about three years and three months, following the 3-cylinder protocol pretty closely for the first two years and about 3 times per week for the last year.  

Since I started the VED treatment, I've seen a slight upward bend, a dent on the right and a dent on the left basically come and go, although I have a slight smooth indentation on the left which is not apparent.  My thinking is that the VED helped, maybe significantly, to basically eliminate the deformities.  IMO, the VED doesn't prevent or "cure" Peyronies Disease, but can reduce/eliminate deformities and make you healthier.  VED use is a physical therapy where the VED stretches out scar tissue to make any deformity less noticeable.

I purchased a Vitality VED, a high-quality device, which is in perfect condition to this day.  A great investment.  So, my following comments are in regard to VED usage with this device.  From what I understand from this forum, this model is a little more expensive at this time or may require a prescription, but check others' posts about this issue.  But, IMO, whatever you have to do and spend to get the type of device I have been using is worth infinitely more than you invest.

IMO, it is very difficult to overpump because our bodies are very sensitive to the VED's pressure and the instant one feels a little discomfort it is instinctive to release the vacuum pressure.  Of course, it is not unusual to feel a little discomfort every once in a while, similar to when you're stretching out you body before taking a long run.

When using the VED and since we are all certain of our length/girth, do not engorged your penis to any point beyond that, at the very least.  In fact, I suggest engorging it to a size which is less than your erect length.  Remember the point is to stretch the effected tissue from a flaccid state, not to an extreme state.  As time goes by while using the protocol, you'll start to observe that you can stretch out you penis a little more.  It's pretty simple.

IMO, a "gauge" is not necessary to determine whether one is overpumping.  

I encourage everyone to use the VED protocol with the understanding that it is highly unlikely that one will pump to the extent it makes things worse.  

I understand why one who has never used a VED would be concerned, but once you start the VED protocol you will see that overpumping is basically a non-issue.

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I need to clarify your statement about the Vitality OTC one cylinder VED being higher priced, etc. The Vitality OTC one cylinder VED is available on the web for around $83.00 plus change and is available from this site:

The three cylinder VEDs from Augusta costs about $600.00 and are available from many sources on the web as well as from Augusta Medical Systems.

Note to all new VED users:

There are two VED protocols listed in the VED board section of the home page on of the forum. So choose one of these when you start using either the one cylinder or three cylinder VEDs. The should be self explanatory, but anyone has questions about their use, just ask any and at any time.

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Quote from: Old Man on June 15, 2012, 12:25:27 PM
The Vitality OTC one cylinder VED is available on the web for around $83.00 plus change and is available from this site:

I recently bought one of these and can vouch for that site. It was $90 and some change with shipping, had to talk to someone on the phone about an address change and they were very helpful, and it arrived in good time. They even threw in a complementary Diabetessupplies4less magnet! (went straight in the trash)