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Author Topic: After 4 years in pain despite all efforts, Hirudoid cream as a game changer  (Read 556 times)

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Hey guys,

First of all, just a little summary here: I have been in a never-ending acute phase for almost 4 years now, with pain in erect state (and also flaccid during the first 2 years), along with narrowing, shortening and hourglassing. I tried dozens if not hundreds of medications, supplements, techniques and instruments, ranging from the standard recommended protocol to the most alter-crazy-improbable stuff. Nothing or so has worked regarding the pain, except for Curcumax and Boswellia supplements (see my whole story here :,14622.msg131841.html#msg131841).

So until two months ago, I was still in a sinusoidal/rollercoaster of pain, with periods of moderate-high level, and periods of moderate-low level, with, apart from sex/masturbation, absolutely no correlative parameter identified whatsoever despite all my efforts (nor diet, nor lifestyle, medication, weather, etc. etc.; see my description about pain syndrom here:,14624.msg131843.html#msg131843).

Then came this post, which I encourage you to read extensively if you are experiencing a long and painful acute phase :,14942.50.html. For the 128636278329th time in 4 years on this forum, I read that, and said "Well, OK, this probably won't work as usual, but [email protected]< it, let's give it a shot"... And then BOOM. 90 to 99% of the pain gone in 2-3 days.

So here are the specifics and my protocol:
- Using Hirudoid cream forte, bought from a German site called Homoempathia and delivered to France. I tend to prefer the cream version, because I noticed the gel version makes my skin wrinkle and my dick turtle a little bit (due to the presence of alcohol I presume?).

- Rubbing a generous quantity on my junk during 2 to 3 minutes, glans inclued, in the morning before going to work, and at night before going to bed. At first I used to make an impossible gaze-rubberband-compress-sock-boxer combo for the night, but it was a mess, always destroyed by nightly erections, very uncomfortable, and finally not worth it in terms of efficacy, as the 2-times-a-day rubbing combo without all this fuss works just as good in terms of pain reduction.

- Absolutely no adverse effect so far, apart maybe from just a little additional histamine-spur, ie an increased tendancy to have slight allergic syndrom. If you allergics are reading, you know how allergies work: environmental factors such as pollen, cats or poor diet fill a "histamine bucket" in your body; when it's full, an allergic reaction such as skin rashes, itching or asthma is triggered. Well, for me, as it is spring here, and as I'm continuing minoxidil for my hair (which tends to be allergenic to me), adding a lot of hirudoid cream on the top of it seemed to increase a little my global histamine count, and made me a little more prone to allergies (itching in my case). But honestly, this is ridiculously insignificant in regards to the deliverance from pain which is just miraculous; so I just tend to skip my minoxidil some nights, or swallow an anti-histaminic pill before bed, and the problem is solved.

--> Gobal results: I'm so miraculously pain-free for 2 months, that I have become lazy on applying the cream: sometimes I forget to do it in the morning, sometimes I completely forget for 24 to 48 hours. When so, unfortunately the pain starts to creep back again, especially if I (in order of most gravity): 1) Have a VED session (yes, I hate to say that for me VED always wakes up inflammation, although no VED seems to aggravate my indentation...), 2) Masturbate, 3) Have sex (yes, for some reason, masturbation, even very gentle, always [email protected] my penis up way more than sex, even done quite vigorously). BUT, and that's what keeping me enthusiastic, as long as I go back to Hirudoid right away, the pain disappears again, as soon as starting from 30 minutes after applying the cream, and never later than 24-48 hours after doing so (when before it could last for 2 weeks before starting to decrease mildly).

--> Botom line : If you're in pain, I STRONGLY suggest that you follow in FIRST intention the Forum's Peyronie's Survival Guide recommandation AND at the same time that you order and apply hirudoid ASAP on your dick. It does not seem to work for everyone, but it does look innocuitous, it's simple and dirt cheap compared to almost all the other treatments (and trust me, I know what I'm talking about after 10 000+ euros spent in that F^@$!ng disease and all kind of endeavours along 4 years).

And lastly, I would like to publicly, sincerly and from the bottom of my heart thank my brother Friedrichzuckermann here, who started this all topic about Hirudoid, documented his story and gave me this idea. Man, without you I would still be in the total darkness, getting crazier and crazier about when this F^@$!ng ordeal would end, if it ever endend. Now thanks to you I can walk, think and have sex almost always pain-free, and I have hope that maybe after a few months of using this cream, well maybe some day the pain in my penis will definitly vanish and never return. I owe this to you bro, and will never forget!!!

And for the near future, as the active compound in hirudoid is "chondrointin polysulfate" (or "muccosaccharide polysulfate" I think, it depends on whether the composition is written in French or German on the tube, but I know the molecules are definitively the same), I'm ordering chondroitin pills to take in parallel of hirudoid cream: as always I will take time to assess if it does something to me, and will make a full report to you after 4 to 6 weeks of continous use :).

Morality here: never give up, never stop trying, never stay down guys, even after 4 years of falling near dead on the floor. And Friedrich, thanks and love to you for eternity bro.



- 33 yo, very healthy lifestyle, Peyronies Disease with pain, general hourglassing with girth and length loss since 09/01/17. Still acute.
- Treatments tried: almost everything; few things helped (see my big related post on december 2020), but pain still there...


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Congratulations man!! I am really happy for you!
I am still using Hirudoid daily, but the 500mg, gel version. It surely helped initially. I remember felling the dick much less sore on the first sessions.
Although it was never so fantastic for me as it was to you and to brother Friedrich.

In my case I may say Celebrex did most of the job getting rid of the pain, including also softening the lumps.
But since Hirudoid is so cheap and harmless, I will keep using it with regularly.
Perhaps I will reverse to the cream to see if works better since most of you guys with greater experiences were using cream instead of gel.
39 yo, married Onset on 06/2020
Hourglassing when semi-erect, few indentations. Small upwards curvature
No erectile dysfunction. It still hurts sometimes;
Taking pentox, Cialis, Q10, and Hirudoid daily;
Trying keto diet with good results.
God bless


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i have also been using it on and off in a similar manner and must say my penis feels way less inflamed than it did, especially after masturbation etc
never had any majour pains, but since using the cream the pains is virtually none!
30, discovered ~20-30 degrees right bend beginning of Feb 2021. Small plaque under gland on right side of the shaft

300 mg COQ10, 2-3 g Acetyl-L-Carnitine, , 6-8h traction daily with pmp,

new scar 26/04 on left side below glans, current curve < 5


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funnily enough i restarted this hirudoid treatment recently along with cold water to the affected area. Seems to help a bit with pain that became prominent after a VED injury.

On a side note: please remember not to overpump! I was making great progress until I overpumped.
Age:30 -
Symptoms since mid-2018. no improvement or worsening
Prominent Left + Upwards curve when half-erect
Fully erect - approx 20-25 degree curve.
No noticeable plaque. Waiting on Ultrasound results.
Mild Erectile Dysfunction..


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Can someone post a picture of the cream just to make sure I get the correct bottle. Does Amazon sell it?
26 y/o
sex injury that gradually got worse
Hard flaccid, Indentation bottom left close to my body,  mild twist left
28° up 28° Left
official diagnosed peyronies w/pain
Pentox, restorex, l-arginine, cq10, NSAID, tramadol(as needed)
Gf is supportive


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Gabriel, thank you so much for this post and congratulations!

Theoretically, what negatives could this cause?

I just ordered a tube myself, just to see if it could help penile elasticity and swelling which I still get once in a while from the old VED injury.

Tortão Pra Direita

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28 yrs old
Peyronies Sep 2019.
Curvature 70º+ to the right. New plaques at the left "straightened" to around 35~40º.
Lots of plaque, curvature, loss of size, loss of axial rigidity. No Erectile Dysfunction.
Mar/2021 Titan Touch 20 cm + 1.5 RTE.
Healing now.


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It's always so so great hearing guys making progress!! Good jod Gabriel! Please report back to us of whether it benefits your deformities as well! Thank you

28 years of age.
Congenital curve - nothing too bad. Recent mild injury from jelqing. Figuring it out.


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Great to hear, for me it doesnt work or only just a little
Injured early 2018
Reinjured late 2019 when having sex with not full errection
Congenital curvature to the bottom, with Peyronies Disease additionally penis torsion to the left.
Pain since injury (never left) after sex, bad food....
Trying different stuff now.
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