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Hey guys,

I've been reading this forum for a few weeks now. Wanted to share my story with you i hope of having your feedback and add my experience to the lot.

I'm 29 years old. 1 year and half ago, i noticed my flaccid penis would bend on the right and started having hard flaccid syndrome. I noticed a hard superficial vein on the right of my penis, from gland to the base so i thought this calcified vein was simply pulling my penis on the right. I also woke up a few nights with erections that felt very rigid. Didn't notice a change of my erect penis at the time but my penis would bend considerably when urinating (around 45 degrees).

Went to an urologist who barely examined me. She told me those veins sometimes stay, sometimes go but are benign. She gave me naproxen for 2 weeks.

The flaccid bend and the hard vein stayed but i lived on with it. Same with the bending while urinating

Few months later, i started having pain after sex with my girlfriend. At first it was only for a few minutes after but as the weeks passed i started having pain for the whole day after intercourse. I also noticed that i would still wake up in the middle of night with painful erection if i had sex during the evening.

I figured painful erections were due to my hypertonic pelvic floor and started physical therapy + pelvic stretching.

Then i started noticing my flaccid bend got worse. The whole right side is now hard and smaller, which makes an obvious curve. It is even worse when i am semi-hard. The curve is now present with an erection and there is an indentation on the same side of the curve.

The right underside of my penis feels tight and bumpy under the skin all along the shaft, like cobblestone. A few bumps are more pronounced, but still small (less than a millimeter). It's like the right side of my penis is more contracted and painful. Even when i counterbend my flacid penis (on the left), the tissue on the left side is inelastic.

Except the texture change, 1 or 2 more pronounced bumps and the indentation, i can't say i'm feeling a clear plaque.

This whole situation makes me anxious and I can't stay passive so i started taking CoQ10, L-Citrulline and Naproxen since yesterday. I also ordered a Penismaster Pro. Ive got an appointment with another urologist next week. My girlfriend is a doctor and very supportive but i'm terribly concerned about the future of our sex life.

29 years old.
Onset in 2019
CoQ10+ L-Citrulline. Waiting for PMP


Read survival guide. And don't immerse yourself into the forum too much. You have a girlfriends that's willing to work with you. It's going to be a long long journey.  
34 yrs Old, Healthy very active
Possibly injured penis or took too much Cialis
Symptoms starting January-February 2021
First dent seen April 4, 2021, painful erections


Welcome to the forum.  I sense your concern and hope dealing with facts will help supply answers.  I also hope you feel support here because we know how such issues can affect us all. Kobegianna forgot to give you the like to the Survival Guide.  Here it is ---->,3180.0.html

At this point, you mention nothing to suggest that your erections are affected in duration of deformity, so I would say it is time to take a deep breath.

I founded this forum and am one of the administrators.  I have been here and on our earlier forum for over 16 years.  I still have no handle on "hard flaccid" and/or pelvic floor issues. It is not recognized by the sexual medicine community and is primarily only discussed on forums. I personally remain skeptical of a self-diagnosis of a condition not recognized by the medical community. As a result, I let others comment on those aspects.

Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 70 yrs old
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Welcome Keke14!  It sounds like you have a game plan and you should stick with it. Letting your girlfriend in on what is happening is good.  During this time in your life your emotions about this could take you down a dark path if you let it. We have all been right where you are and have made it through this uncertainty stage and doubts and despair.

Keep reading the articles and educating yourself.  The medical community does not have a good handle on this disease or how to treat "malfunctioning penises" - whether it is peyronies or not.  Search the forum and you will find others with similar issues.  :)  Mike
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