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I'm doing straight traction 30 X 2 for a month, then i will start with the counterbending. Have you guys who uses Restorex had success? I have upwards curvature and an indentation on the underside. I also have a narrowing/hourglass. I mainly want to get a little better and I really don't want to go through surgery as I have a connective tissue syndrome (ehlers danlos) that affects healing of scars.



Good question. I'm interested  in knowing what the best one to use for upward bend is;
PenimasterPro or RestoreX? I keep hearing different opinions.
What do you think, Dressa?
30 degree dorsal curve, immobility and heavy loss of girth.
My body seems to get very inflamed when I masturbate too often or eat unhealthy.
Using antioxidants, Pentox and hirudoid cream, as well as manual traction, heat and Cialis.


Restorex is the device I'm trying. Something is happening after each session. It feels better and I have much better erections. So for now I don't give a crap about the curve. I want to feel alive.  


My deformity is the same, do you have any advice for the best stretches?
Upward congenital curvature. Penile fracture 2-3 years ago. Indentation/plaque on the underside of my penis at the base and worsened upward curve. Decent EQ, flaccid pain

Started Penimaster Pro + RestoreX


I'm also curious about the devices, I think combined with xiaflex is better.
I am in year 9 of the disease and my penis has already lost all elasticity and is shrinking, it makes me desperate
32 years,injured at 25.
Slight curve, narrowing and retraction in flaccid and semi-erect.
Loss of sensitivity due to peyronie and circumcision  moderate erectile dysfunction, pain.
I improved the pelvic floor with kinesiology.
Frequent urination.