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My question is for boys with venous outflow.
Please answer me, because I'm already crazy ...
I will try to describe everything very easily and briefly:

I do not take oral medications (viagra, cialis, etc.)
I get an erection, sometimes 80%, sometimes almost 95%
When masturbating, the erection is weaker, with a partner - stronger.
From 10 attempts, with a partner 7 times my erection decreases with penetration almost immediately. After cessation of penetration it can return again. 3 times out of these 10 I managed to keep my erection stable after penetrating ejaculation, but I feel premature ejaculation. These 3 times I changed 2 positions and the erection lasted, but the act was not more than 5 minutes.Besides, I've always had a strong ejaculation, at the moment it just leaks and I don't feel the contractions so much.
Is this possible with a venous outflow?
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I'd recommend three things to start off-

1) stop stressing about it so much - it's the worst thing you can do. All men do it but it may psychological, it may be a physical issue.

2) if you do have some venous leakage, wear a cock ring. They stop blood outflow so you should be able to keep your erections hard.

3) I would try cialis either on demand or 2.5/5mg daily. You say you get to 80-95% erect so it sounds like it might help you.

Also, guys with VL will find some positions effect them more or less than others. For instance I can get hard and stay hard on my back but as soon as I stand up, even if it's to take a photo to document my Peyronies I will lose my erection before I even take the damn photo!
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It's very simple to address your situation. Find a doctor or a general practitioner that is Willing to prescribe you cialis or viagra and test it out. If it doesn't help out, which it should a lot in your case then you need further testing and support. Don't try to guess what it is, as you need proper examination to really know what you have.