My urologist hurt me and I'm losing my mind

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I am 29 years old, and last year I had a lesion on the penis that caused pain and improved over time (5 months). I had mild pain at the glans and hard-flaccid while standing or sitting after the injury, but the hard-flaccid is permanent. At the end of last year, I went to medical care from concern.

The doctor told me that everything was fine and prescribed vitamin E and an anti-inflammatory, prednisone, to find out if the flaccid hardness was an inflammation.
The flaccid hardness did not improve, and I still felt some pain after masturbation (at the glans), so I went back to the doctor. In this new consultation, I asked for a color doppler exam to investigate possible vascular damage. The doctor gave me the request for the exam (penile doppler without erection test) but said he would not do the exam (he) because there was no need.
I asked my health plan for a place that would do the exam (penile doppler), and the health plan returned me to this same doctor (the plan contacted him and said he would do the exam).
So I took the exam. On the day, I was not informed of the procedure and just put me on the stretcher and lowered my underwear (I thought it was just going to pass a device). Then my hell started, my penis was in a state of flaccid hardness, and the doctor made a traction force in my penis. I felt a lot of pain, and I screamed for him to stop. After the exam, my glans was white and in a lot of pain.

Since then, the left side of my penis is all inflamed, and I have pain with and without an erection. After an erection, the pain is worse, it's been 2 months, and with an erection, my penis started to bend to the left from the base, and it remains inflamed. I have already taken anti-inflammatories, and nothing can stop the inflammation. I went to another doctor, and he didn't believe I could have Peyronies because he didn't find a lump on the physical exam.  He said my penis was perfect, and he said it could be neuralgia.  He prescribed painkillers. So I started taking colchicine and vitamin E after seeing the beginning of the change in my penis.

I don't know if the doctor did it wrong, but I already called him and said that I will go to punch him. Nothing takes out of my mind the exam day. I remember when I feel pain and when every time that I see my penis.  I have been looking for knowledge, and I will return to other doctors. But I have been thinking a lot about hurting the doctor who hurt me. I didn't do anything because I know I will be legally penalized, and I don't want to go to jail with a painful penis. But I yet want to make a terror with this f...k medic.  I am very traumatized by all of this, and I am really losing my mind.

I just hope to read something from those who went through the beginning of the Peyronies. I like the forum because it has a lot of subjects about treatments and I'm reading everything.
This is just my outburst.


Marcos, that is a horrible story.

I edited your post a little to make it easier to read.

The most important thing you can read right now is this,3180.0.html

It might help you do a few things on your own that will help. I tell everyone to read it very carefully more than once.  It is full of good important information.

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That's horrible, brother. I know how it feels, one of my doctors also hurted me and made my condition worse.

I hope you get better soon.
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Hello Marcos and here you can find men who care about your situation.  That is terrible what happened to you.  I have had bad experiences with Dr's and I know of the mental anguish it can cause.  Read the forum and educate yourself on peyronies.  Most important thing you can do to help yourself now is to not worry yourself to death.  This alone will create more anxiety for you.  Do try some of the things in the survival guide.  One thing that really helped me for pain and recovery was gentle heat therapy.  Read up on it and don't despair - you will make it through this!   :)  Mikel7
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