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Author Topic: Can you have congenital curve and peyronies?  (Read 815 times)

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Can you have congenital curve and peyronies?
« on: March 02, 2021, 09:23:04 AM »

I recently got Peyronies and reached out to my relatives. One of my cousin says he had a small curve growing up (20 degrees) but in his mid twenties it got worse (50 degrees now). I recommended that he sees a doctor but he is in the same boat as me, extremely long wait times to even get an initial appointment.

I told him I am ordering an RestoreX and he went ahead and did the same. Now I am worried that he might make his condition worse. Is it possible for him to have Peyronie's on top of a congenital curve? If so, can RestoreX help or at least not make things worse for him?
Age: 31
1st symptoms date: random morning November 2020 but no physical injuries caused this
Treatment trying: RestoreX, Manual stretching, vitamin E, CoQ10
Deformity: 40 degrees diagonal left/up, hourglassing, girth/length loss


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Re: Can you have congenital curve and peyronies?
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2021, 10:11:03 AM »

Yes, you can.

My case.

Congenital --> injury --> congenital + peyronies.
Congenital curvature plus injury during sex - dec.2019
Curve to the left increase plus pain ~35degrees - nov.2020
Pentox (400mgx3) + Cialis (2.5mg/day) + supplements - dec.2020
Traction - jan.2021 onwards (curve now ~22/25degrees)


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Re: Can you have congenital curve and peyronies?
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2021, 05:32:52 PM »

Yes! I've had an upward curve ( congenital not Peyronie's) since 2006 due to wearing tight underwear for many years during my teen years.

And I now have Peyronie's, well I'm not sure it might just be an injury ( that has become permanant, it's not temporary anymore)

I've had the injury since May 2019.

It was during a hanging session with the LG Hanger. My penis accidently got erect during a hanging session & the wrapping had come off my glans.

When I took off the LG? I noticed my shaft just below my glans was swollen.

There was a lump because of the vacuum from the LG hanger & my glans was twisted clockwise around 45 degrees.

My upper shaft ( around 1 inch below my glans) as well as my glans is bent inwards & upwards

There's some plaque or scar tissue 1 inch below my glans where my penis bends

So I decided to stop doing any PE altogether hoping the injury was temporary & that my glans would straighten out by itself. But here I am 15 months later & my glans is still twisted 45 degrees.

Instead of my peehole being (I) pointed at 12 o'clock it's (/) pointed at 10 o'clock.

My glans is twisted when flaccid, half erect & erect. It's embarrassing.

First I thought this injury would be temporary but now it looks like it's permanant!

So now I have an upward curved penis AND my glans is twisted/rotated clockwise   :-\



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Re: Can you have congenital curve and peyronies?
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2021, 06:39:22 PM »

I feel like I always had both. I could always feel the nodule you're supposed to feel from Peyronies, and it has always been curved. Granted, I've always been terrible at paying attention to my penis so I didn't know I had any disease, and I didn't care to observe it's progress, so I have no idea if it's actually peyronies or just congenital curvature, and the doctors never answer that, and they don't care to explain that. The last doctor I seen seems pretty decent, I think I'll try a surgery with him because honestly I'm just tired of this, I don't want to have to worry about this any longer, I wasn't interested in sex for my whole life, I'm interested in having a healthy relantionship to have children when I'm older, so as long as I am not infertile, which thank god neither Peyronies Disease nor CC can do apparently, than I'm fine. I think I slowly started getting more numb down there, and my erections are extremely weak comparing to a few years ago. Btw I'm 20. I couldn't tell when Peyronies started if it did, I don't have a calcified plaque, and I don't know how to measure, it's almost definetly at least 30 degrees to the left and a bit more maybe (idk?) upwards, so the doctor said I could do surgery based on those measures but i didn't show him a picture. I don't think there was any difference in length or girth ever, but again I was terrible at measuring it and I didn't bother, I wasn't sexually aware of my body, I was more oblivious than a nun. So I'm sorry I can't describe to you what's it like to have both, as I only guess that I have both, but I have no proof of it. I believe that my congenital curvature might have been caused by hypospadias at birth, as I have the opening close below the tip, and some scientific literature suggests hypospadias could lead to congenital curvature, but I'm sure, maybe it was at my mother's womb, a malformation, she said I had many problems at birth but didn't remember any, shame! So my case is at least one of congenital curvature but I'm almost certain that the curvature to the left has gotten worse in the last 18 months or more, and is what's hurting my penis almost constantly and especially during an erection and in penetrative sex, which seems to allongate it. So I have nothing to lose and I'm just drained of this, I'm tired and don't wanna care about my penis, I want it to stop hurting and stop being deformed now, if I can't get a surgery and get denied again I'll just see a transgender doctor and do a F^@$!ng "transition" without the hormonal therapy of course, I'll just ask them to cut it off, seen as doctors are more willing nowadays to just cut off the penis rather than promote good health for it, and I don't mean hatred to trans anybody obviously because I know and live with some of them I don't care about that, I don't care about sexuality, I just want my penis to be healthy, so I can relax and stop thinking about sex, I already have tons of mental health issues relating to sex and sexual abuse I don't want to have to enter another urologist office to hear them say that "as long as you can have sex it's fine" as if penile health is only about penetrative sex. My penis is not small and I don't think I would give a damn if he shrunk a little bit from the surgery, but I would prefer a surgery that would preserve it's size the most, which my doctor promised he can do, maybe he is another scummy bastard like the others, but I think he is a decent doctor. So I can't wait to do that surgery, I just have to recover from a hernia surgery for a couple longer and then I'll do it in the blink of an eye, I want this horrendous disease to cool it off, if there's no cure then at least there's a way to ease my mind. I'll probably this post, I just needed to vent, I'm more of a lurker here. Thanks for reading.
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