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Author Topic: Something to share from PE veteran. :)  (Read 377 times)

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Something to share from PE veteran. :)
« on: February 28, 2021, 04:48:43 AM »

Hi, guys! This is my first post. And i also want to let you know that english isn't my language, but i give my best to share my point of view.

Oh, man... i don't even know where to start. Well, i started with enlargement exercises when i was like 14 or 15. Something like that. Now i'm 30 and 2 years back i stopped, because i got what i wanted. But during these long years it never occured to me that the problem was something else. I couldn't understand that how i can stretch so far, but my erection length was still the same. But now i think i understand what was the problem - my food. If i only knew earlier what was keto/carnivore/fasting lifestyle. There are some days where i just hate myself and all my hope is gone. And let me tell you something and i don't brag with this - my stretched flaccid lenght was like 8-9 inches. Depends how good was my bloodflow. But i think like only few months back i realized how important is metabolism. Damn... It never just occured to me when i was doing my enlargement sessions. I admit, i was stupid.

But STILL there we're some moments when i got that full length size. And now, when i'm little bit older but wiser i understand that metabolism/gut health is the most important aspect. I'm not saying that i'm cured, no. But day by day i'm getting closer. And since i've been doing some time keto eating, then i feel it is easier to get bloodflow going. Because when you search around, then you find that when i your gut health isn't great, then your whole body just suffers. I'm fighting this good fight. Because my gut health impacts my sinuses. There are mornings where my sinuses are quite swollen, but this sensation is going away slowly. There was some morning where my dick so red and even little bit swollen and that inflammation. Oh, god... I couldn't understand why it doesn't engorge correctly. I felt that something was holding my bloodflow back. I felt that stubborn feeling. So i finally realized that of course it can't engorge, when you have scarred tissue. But i think if you dive into keto/carnivore/fasting thing, you're gonna feel the difference. Big time. It just feels so much some kind of internal error. For me, it is probably metabolism. My gut health has always been quite bad. So now i gotta pick up the pieces and continue my awesome journey.

If you wanna ask me anything, go ahead. There is probably something i forgot. Cheers!

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