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I'm based in the UK and my employer offers medical insurance through BUPA which covers pre-existing conditions, I have spoken to the help line and while they confirm Peyronies is not automatically excluded they did say that I would be "asked lots of questions" in the event of a claim.

Does anyone have experience of this and any idea what the crieriea is or is not as one exclusion is - Sexual problems (including impotence whatever the cause)? I am not impotent but is Peyronies a sexual problem??
56 years old, just, developed 45 degree curvature literally overnight in 2015 been using the Phallosan Forte and Extra since Oct 2020 no visible signs of straighteneing as of Feb 2021


Bupa is a large international healthcare company, so I'm sure they are familiar with Peyronies Disease. I would imagine that the questions they would ask would be to better understand your medical history and how Peyronies Disease affects your life.


 To be honest, I've been in your situation earlier. Luckily my insurance plan from fully covered my treatment. They may also ask about your treatment plan and what side effects you are experiencing. I don't believe they would automatically exclude you from coverage, but it's always best to be prepared and have all your documentation in order before you call to make a claim.